8 Teens Charged in Videotaped Attack


This is so sad, and revealing of what happens to children who grow up in a society that teaches life has no value.

Please pray for this girl who is now being homeschooled because of embarassment that everyone has seen her victimization and humiliation that was documented on video.

I have begun a thread in prayer intentions for all who were involved.

You can see an interview with the parents here, as well as a small clip of this disturbing video.

This makes me want to get a private tutor if I ever have kids. Schools have become scary places. I can’t even watch the clip of the attack.

If they charge and try the attackers as adults, then their parents should NOT be liable for civil damages.

And if any are found not guilty, they should forthwith be given the right to vote, as their shield of minority was taken from them.

Do you seriously believe any are not guilty? Do you think the tape was doctored?

Let me add that I do NOT approve at all of what these people did, and I’m not trying to defend them.

I AM saying that if they are being treated as adults (which is probably reasonable), then be consistent. If they stand in legal jeapordy as adults, they should also be given the rights of adults.

If they are being considered adults for the purpose of trying this crime, then their parents have NO civil responsibility.

I think that if the girls are found guilty then they won’t be able to vote anyway. I might be wrong though.

I am uncertain about the laws for civil damages. But I don’t think that the adult status of the participants have anything to do with it, does it? For example if I voluntarily give my car to an adult person who I know is drunk so they can drive home, aren’t I liable also for any accident that they are involved in?:confused:

I believe it was the 20/20 TV show that did a piece on another teen beating awhile back where one girl beat up another girl while a third girl video taped and later posted it on a video site. They also showed a clip of teen boys in cars verbally abusing pedestrians on video so they could post in on the internet. I am not sure if criminal charges were filed in these cases.

There is the case of 10 year Rikki Triana who was beat up by 11 and 12 year girls and suffered a broken hip. Adults were in the school playground area but must have not reacted quick enough. I wonder if girl on girl violence has increased?

It doesn’t matter if they’re charged as adults. If someone under the age of 18 is granted “emancipated minor” status, that doesn’t enable them to vote. They can sign and be bound by legal documents, but voting age is covered under a different section of law.

As for the girls and the two boys who acted as lookouts: since they’re being charged with felonies (kidnapping, false imprisonment, aggravated assault) if they are found guilty their right to vote will be taken away. (I don’t know any state that allows convicted felons the vote.) Since they may be sent to prison for life on the kidnapping charge, the point may be moot anyway.


I think that girls are encouraged to be more violent in media and movies. Any tendency to be nurturing or caring is considered weak because girls are now supposed to be as tough as guys. Oddly enough girls are encouraged to take on the worst aspects of boys not the best. :shrug:

I’ve been considering about this a lot and this is what I think. Society has always controlled boys naturally aggressive tendencies by teaching them about manners, politeness and nobility. For some reason when society decided that girls should be just as aggressive as boys, society decided that the old rules of manners and nobility were also just too confining. I think modern girls should be taught chivalry also-like it is actually an act of cowardliness to alternate with your friends beating a person who refuses to fight back or that sometimes the brave thing to do is walk away from a fight etc.

I don’t know if the level of violence we see in the children these days is any different than before. I think that the big difference is the level of media coveage. The fact that they can video tape it and then post it on the intenet is a great motivation. How sad. :frowning:

Based on my own life, I’d say public school is significantly LESS violent than it was when I was a kid in the early '70s. We had fights almost daily. Bullies ruled the roost and teachers did nothing about it.

I’d say the difference is video tape and the internet.


Also, these kids were not in school but were at a private home. I am guessing under unsupervised conditions. One of the good aspects of public school is that you do have teachers who can watch you.

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One of the good aspects of public school is that you do have teachers who can watch you.

This incidents have taken place after school but there were adults at the playground in the case of Rikki Triana. One has to wonder why an 11 or 12 year old “A” student would stomp on and break a new student’s hip.


I think that girls are encouraged to be more violent in media and movies.

I think you may be right.

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