8 Year Old Boy Guide to Pray the Rosary - Suggestions?

My 8 year old nephew is making his first communion next month and I want to get him a rosary and hopefully a guide to go along with it. I’m hesitant to get him one that looks too “little kid”-ish, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a good guide for young Catholic boys learning to pray the rosary?


I’m only guessing but an 8 year old most likely will not do a full rosary. I reckon if you could get him to do only a decade everyday and have a book with wonderful picture that will be great.

My first rosary (from when I was about 6) was made of wooden beads and a simple wooden cross.

On Etsy, someone is selling rosaries made from Legos (a little bit childish but possibly more engaging)

There’s a Brother Francis DVD for the rosary. The preview on this Youtube clip should give you an idea of whether it’s suitable for your 8 year old youtube.com/watch?v=UnOAQp-ST6Q


We (Wife, 16 yo, 15, yo, 13 yo, 8 yo and me :)) did our 1st rosary as a family yesterday after Mass and lunch. (I am a Catholic revert and my whole family is joining the Church with me!!! They were all raised outside the Catholic Church - not anymore :cool:)

I asked our 8 yo to join us and he initially said no. We got a really cool looking rosary made out of wood and each decade has a different color (He loves rainbows). I made copies of a how to pray the rosary handout I was given at my Church (During my CRHP retreat) and each one of them had a copy.

We started with In the name of the Father and my little guy ran to his room and got his rosary to join, lol. In his own way (he is autistic) but pretty consistent he did the entire rosary with us. I lead the prayers into the 1st decade and then each kid lead a decade with their prayers requests. Our 8 yo lead most of the last decade!!! Praise be to God.

I have to say that praying the rosary as a family is a powerful spiritual experience.

We’ll see how it goes when we pray it within the mysteries :).

So my advice would be to let your 8 yo watch the family do it and hopefully he’ll have itchy ears :smiley:

God Bless,


Tastes vary, so not every kid will dig it, but I love Gene Luen Yang’s Rosary Comic Book. Each mystery is told as a story, and each panel in the book represents a bead (large panels for Our Fathers, small panels for Hail Marys).

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