8 year old has a sex change operation


What do you guys think of this?

Let me start of by saying that this is an extremely complex issue that just basically sucks for everyone involved because no one truly understands the scope of this kind of disorder.

That being said, we don’t have all the medical details here. Oftentimes this disorder manifests itself in people who are born with ambiguous genitalia because of a chromosomal mutation (such as XXY instead of XY or XX). This causes uncertainty as to the gender of the child, and many times, families are quick to take what they perceive as “corrective” surgery.
Understandably, there are pressures on the parents to “determine” the gender of their child.

In performing this type of surgery, the child is given a physical gender; however, that gender may not reflect their psychological gender.

So, what I’m getting at, is the fact that people should not discount this disorder as something that is completely fictional. The truth is that no one really knows (except God;)).

All of that being said, I’m not sure that I agree with the parents actions. Obviously, none of us know the full scope of the situation, but once this choice is made, there is absolutely no going back.

The article didn’t specifically say, but I am presuming that the child is genetically XY, that is, a genetic and physical male. Perhaps that should have been clarified.

This thread title is misleading.

The boy has ***not ***had surgery; he has not even had hormones. Those things are in the future. Read the whole article before you post such a thing!

It basically says that he may have puberty-delaying drugs as he approaches puberty, and that he may have sex-change surgery after he turns 18. Not “must” or “will,” but “may.”

I believe the Church will someday have to take another look at transgender issues, since there is an actual chromosome disorder that seems to cause it. But the science will have to go further and deeper before a decision can be based on it - and even then, the Church may not change her mind. Having the “wrong bits” is currently a cross to bear, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it stays that way.

I’m sorry that his parents are willing to contravene the Church, and I hope deeply that they are teaching him about bearing our crosses.

Additionally, I’m sorry that we make judgments about children based on how they choose to play. It’s a lot more acceptable for a girl to be a “tomboy” than it is for a boy to be a… see, we don’t even have a word for it.

Heart of Jesus, source of all consolation, have mercy on us.


I think there are some people who have genetic mutations or chromosal deformities. My DH has an aquaintance who was born with ambiguous genitalia and this person’s parents decided the child would be a girl. She was raised as a girl and lived as a girl until she graduated from high school. After she graduated, she began to live like a male. She is now a he, and he is writing a book about his experience, and my husband is the sounding board, reading the rough drafts and giving advice, etc. This person has small not fully formed male genitalia as well as not fully formed female genitalia. Clearly something went wrong. However, this person feels much more male than female. He is attracted to women, also. Now is undergoing treatment to “be male” physically.

A few years ago, there were several programs on science channels and such like dealing with the issues of intersexuality.

One case was a woman–to all external appearances. She was beatiful and shapely, with long shining blonde hair. This applies to her genitals–she said they were female, and I’ll take her word for it.

Just one thing: her periods had never started.

Genetic testing in college revealed why. She was XY genotype!

This sometimes happens. It’s called “testicular feminization.”

The silly thing is that while she identifies as female, looks like a beautiful woman, and is to all appearances one, she cannot marry the man of her dreams with whom she is in love. According to her state’s law (to prevent transsexual marriage), her gender is defined by her genotype.

I asked my doctor about this and the other shows I had seen. He merely remarked laconically, “In human sexuality, things are seldom what they seem.”

Yes, the title of this thread is highly misleading. I think it is good that hormone blockers might be offered to the child at some future date. However, the article is not about surgery or hormones for an 8 year old child. I don’t understand why the OP would indicate that the article is about that! :shrug:

My sincere apologies. I’ve tried to go in and edit the title of the thread, but it appears to be too late.

This stuff can get confusing. Several years ago, when I was an inpatient on a mental ward, there was a “woman” who I shared a bathroom with. I’m thankful we didn’t share a room. I later found out that “she” was, sexually, still a man. The VA was willing to give the hormone shots, but not the surgery. Another patient told me about this persons “sexual” orientation. Later I asked the staff why I was told that this was a woman. They said that they couldn’t tell me about the other stuff because of privacy issues. I had to ask, “What abouot MY privacy?” Just the thought of sharing a bathroom with a man really got to me.

This is such a heart-breaking situation, and in reality, it is hard to come up with an answer. My daughter has a friend with this problem, although her friend is female. They were schoolmates from grade school, and this girl insisted she was a boy from a very young age. She played like a boy, refused to wear girlish clothes, etc,. When she would come to the house she was always roughhousing, running around, wanting to play with my son’s toys (no dolls for her)–just acted like a boy. I thought she was just a tomboy until she started college and told me the whole story. Her parents are strict Catholics, and the girl was also, but she could not suppress this. She was not homosexual, that she insisted on. She told me she thought homosexual behavior was wrong. Her problem was she was a boy with female parts, and she always thought of herself as a male, from her earliest memories. She was very conflicted because of her religious beliefs. I could not imagine having such a burden.

She began to dress as a male, and once she had the money, began the process of sex reassignment and changed her name. The last time I saw her, a few years ago, she had completed the process. She is much happier.

So what is the answer? As a Catholic, I submit to Church teaching. But watching another human being live out this conflict is very hard. Only God, in His wisdom, can judge this, I guess.

The boy does NOT need anything changed or hormone pills. This is one of those deals where you have to let nature take its course(as they say, nature always figures a way).

The boy is suffering from depression, and his insecurity issues are causing him to be insecure with his sex. He needs a psychiatrist who will probably give him mood stabilizer drugs and anti-depressants. Once his mood is stabilized he can go one normally as who he truly is.

This has nothing to do with truly wanting to be a girl or boy. It is a chemical imbalance in the brain that is causing these insecurities. Once the chemicals return to normal levels he can return back to normal life.

Depression and insecurity isn’t always the problem. There was a time when I hated being female. But I never really wanted to be a boy either. I still don’t. Pumping a lot of drugs into a child of that age could make matters much worse. He might take it that no one is taking him seriously. And THAT would be a cause for depression.

yes, but this boy has an identity disorder with dissociative states. The “girl” in him is probably his alter-ego as a result from his identity issues. The normal standard treatment for it is mood stabilizers and anti-depressants with some therapy. ECT can help too

How can an 8 year old have an “identity” crisis? If this has been ongoing, which I believe it was, then where is the crisis in that? Biologically we are as screwed up as we are in all other areas of our lives. This is not a perfect world. Therapy may be of some help, but drugs should stay out of it. They may only aggravate the problem.

They thought that with me. They couldn’t have been more wrong. I’m diagnosed transsexual now.

This boy will not be allowed to attend his Catholic school as a girl.


Last summer, the National Catholic Register covered this story.

But will be going to a school as the girl she is inside.

I’m curious as to what you think of it?

This is in my hometown, and I was wondering if CAF had noticed the news yet or not. It’s a tricky situation and I really feel for the family as they try to sort through the options and pick the best one. Much like how the gay or lesbian Christians have a cross to bear, the little boy has to bear his. It’s not easy being moral, but the truth is, he presumably has XY genes, has boy parts, so therefore he was born as a boy–for some reason yet unseen to us.

I mean, we all have our own crosses to bear. For example, a number of us have psychological/mental issues–including me. I mean, people with an overactive sex drive shouldn’t give into temptation to “satisfy” it through immoral means. Schizophrenic people shouldn’t give into the little voices in their heads. Heck, with SAD I’m pretty darn irritable and argumentative during winter, but I should keep myself under control and be mindful of my thoughts, countering them if necessary.

I don’t feel like I’m doing a very good job of conveying what I’m trying to say…does it make sense? I mean, these crosses are a part of us. It’s not as easy to go through life as a gay/lesbian/transgender person, but it is a part of the way they’re wired–not as easy to treat/counsel like one would with SAD, obviously. They have to accept that’s what they are and still stay morally strong anyway. It’s possible to be a gay/lesbian/transgender Catholic, so long as they’re not acting as such.

I’m really bad at saying what I mean concisely, but hopefully it makes sense…

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