8-year-old Saudi girl divorces 50-year-old husband

Proof not all Muslims sit back and except things as they are…


In the name of Allah , Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Article says : … the girls are given away in return for hefty marriage gifts

It’s sad that Muslim Women are not enjoying the rights God allowed them . Mahr / bridal gift belongs to the bride , father must not take it . Also , bride must not be forced in to marriage ; she has right to end her married life etc.

I read 2 hadiths where Prophet (pbuh) allowed a girl to break up the marriage because she was forced in to that . Also , another lady in Madina broke up marriage though Prophet (pbuh) requested her to consider it .

Many Muslims think a girl has nothing to say about her marriage , divorce etc.

Great. I want to know how a six or a nine year-old fights for her right and makes decision on matters such as marriage?

This is so true.

What is happening in some places is really more like a sale of women than a marriage. Not Islam at all. Thanks for clearing it up for other posters. :thumbsup:

In the case she hadn’t divorced the 50yo, would they have consumated their marriage? What would have stopped him from a disgusting act of pedophilic-sex? I’m sure its gotta go through 50yo Saudi male minds…or no.

It’s a pretty sad state when an 8 year old has to go to court to file for a divorce.

I would say it is a sad state when a father sells his daughter.

It’s a sad state when there’s a market for 8-year-old wives.


In the West we call it child prostitution, what happened in this case.

In the name of Allah , Most Gracious, Most Merciful

If a dad is really that mad to sell a girl , there are other family members like mother , uncle , aunt , grandparents to protest. Also neighbours can contact Police .

When Imam comes to bride for her consent , mom , bro , uncle , aunt must encourage her to say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO .

True enough.

The real issue is not that is was done, or how it came about. Digusting things like this happen everywhere.

The scary part to me is that it was not illegal! This can and will occure again

The only way to stop these from continuing is to tell these stories every time we can, and bring shame to those responsible. Eventually the shame of rebuttal will outweigh the perception of right, and women can claim their rightful place beside their husbands, not behind them.

BTW, this practice isn’t limited to Saudi Arabia, and most Arab countries don’t have incidents like this. This still occurs in places like South Asia and Central Africa, so you could say that culture overrides religion. That doesn’t make us much different as a nation, does it?

Paedophilia is a universal disease of the rancid mind. Although laws can help curb this terrible injustice, religious groups should also play a pivotal role. Islam has alot of burden in its hands - to educate its adherents from misusing ayas and hadiths for excuses such as paedophilia and terrorism.

And also to educate the population on marriage laws.

Wow, a thread where everyone is right and no one is fighting with each other! Remember this day, people!

Really, though…the very fact that this situation ever existed in first place is so sad, I could cry. A daughter should be the jewel of her family, not a bargaining chip for when her father needs money! :frowning:

Amen. Praise be to Jesus!:thumbsup:

Mohammad married Aisha when she was six. Muslims say this was not a forced marriage. I find that was hard to believe. Can a six year old made an adult decision like marriage?

The reality was surely the marriage arised from a deal made between Aisha’s father and Mohammad.

With an example being set whereby a father could set up her child for marriage, it is not surprising that a people who hold unto this belief see a young daughter as a property, a pawn for exhange for anything valuable.

**Mohammad should have stopped this practice in the 7th century **so that this culture would not evolve into something Western Muslims today not comfortable with.

Generally, I would say that six years old is a bit young for a girl to be forced to marry. BTW, in the Catholic Church, is there a minimum age for marriage? Would it be a valid marriage in Catholicism for an eleven year old to get married? What is the minimum age? Also, in Catholicism, is it OK for the mother and father to choose the marriage partner for their daughter?

Its really out of law. Father of the girl is very greedy for money. He sell his daughter to 50 years old man.

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