8-year-old transgender boy barred from Cub Scouts


Joe loses spot in pack

A month after he joined Cub Scouts, officials told him to leave

From the moment he joined, 8-year-old Joe Maldonado eagerly looked forward to camping trips and science projects as a member of the Cub Scouts. But his expectations were dashed after his mother said she received a phone call from a Scouting official who told her that Joe would no longer be allowed to participate because he was born a girl.

Source: northjersey.com/story/news/education/2016/12/27/8-year-old-transgender-boy-barred-cub-scouts/95518824/


I Joe aint got a penis, he is a she. Delusional people need help not scouts. And even if this whole gender derangement is true 8 is way too young to be hawking the idea to a kid.
My two cents.


Good chance that it’s not the kid who is delusional, it’s probably his parents who are feeding him this “idea”.


I saw an interview on television with this girl (never would have guessed she is a girl and not a boy with her haircut, clothes, etc.) and his mother and it really surprises me the extent people will go to to normalize this sort of thing.


Parents need to stop encouraging this nonsense. This is NOT a boy…this is a confused little girl who needs a lot of help.


The creator of the vagina monologues was criticised saying her work discriminated against women without vaginas. Her Rey was the vagina monologues were never about what it’s like to be a woman; they were what it’s like to have a vagina. I’ve taken to referring to the sexual organs someone was born with when speaking to some to avoid ambiguity. “Kim, a person with a penis” isn’t ever misunderstood.

Though as I understand it within the transgender community saying words like “penis” and “vagina” is considered rude. While that community argues that gender can change irrespective of the sex organs (their usage refers to the role someone takes in society) their usage of the term “sex” is the same as within the non-transgender community.


Unfortunately this girl must be banned from the Cub Scouts. This may seem a harsh decision and some may complain that it is being unfair or unmerciful to the girl, but the well-being of others in the Cub Scouts must be considered. Admitting her to the Cub Scouts would be tantamount to agreeing and complying with gender theory advocates, and would only serve to confuse others in the Scouts.

I am not convinced, however, that this ban will ultimately stand. The Scouts will likely cave to the secular media and change their policy, as they did with their ban of homosexuals a couple of years ago. I have little faith that they will be able to withstand the barrage of criticism and threats to withhold funding this time.


What’s wrong with pushing for diversity in the Girl Scouts, they do camping trips and can accommodate this girls requirements.

Have a female will greatly impact the supervision requirements vs just boys.


I don’t see an issue. She’s a girl, and the Boy Scouts are for boys. She can do Girl Scouts, or, for a more outdoors-oriented experience, Venture Crew is a co-ed organization which she could join.


The other day, I saw a youtube video of Father Mike Schmitz, and he talked about how his sister I believe, was the Tomboy of all time. She just ran with it. She excelled at sports and many things that boys and men aspire too including careers. Everyone accepted it, including her, and she has a successful career and is a mother.

No one ever got the memo that she could pretend to be a boy. She was just herself. She accepted the hand she was given, and no one tried to change her, least of all herself. As someone else mentioned, this child in the article could have been allowed to be herself without pretending to be another sex.

God made her a girl. God doesn’t make mistakes, I make mistakes. She still could be a great leader and example for the Girl Scouts if she were only allowed to be so by her family and herself. If she one day decided to live as a man when she became an adult, that would be her decision. As a child, we rely on our parents to guide us through childhood. We are not capable of doing this on our own until we grow and mature into adults.

All the legal action in the world and all the shrinks in the world will not change the fact that she is a girl. Father Mike also said that a doctor, who used to preform “gender reassignment” surgery eventually stopped doing it. He said that while some were happy with the change, most still were unhappy. He said that clearly this continued unhappiness pointed to a deeper, underlying emotional issues, rather than
wanting to change your gender. This was obviously then, a disservice to patients who needed deep psychological help.


It may not be a delusion at all. Maybe the kid likes the activities offered by the Cub Scouts more than the activities offered by the Girl Scouts.

I am talking about the local chapters.


Despite what “National Geographic” wants to tell us, boys and girls are actually different in many ways, and in formative stages in their lives, need gender-specific influences. “Diversity” has become a chief secular god of our times, consuming our children, Moloch-like, in the name of Political Correctness.


I find the bolded statement to be too simplistic and puts God into a tiny human sized box. There are many birth defects that happen every day, most are not related to sexuality or gender. I wouldn’t say they were mistakes; I’m not sure what I’d call them except blind nature doing what it does. Your statement gives the impression that transgenderism and the question of how God acts in the world are settled issues.

I don’t have an opinion on this article or the young boy. It’s too complicated and I trust the parents aren’t lying about or to their child. That’s not really fair to the parents.


Why are the “scouts” segregated anyway?


Is there something inherently wrong with boys, or girls, having youth organizations separated by sex?


No one minds when girls and women want to be away from the men, and have groups just for themselves. Men and boys need the same kind of groups set apart.


The Girl Scouts welcome transgender scouts, but as they’re the Girl Scouts they only serve girls. Joe is a boy, hence joining the Cub/Boy Scouts.


Except, “Joe” isn’t a boy. “Joe” has a vagina, mammary glands, and ovaries. “Joe” is a girl.


Yes, “Joe” is a girl who thinks she’s a boy.

What’s worse is the adults in her life who are aiding and abetting this absurdity.


The parents are delusional and they are using their child to gain notoriety. Stupid move by the parents.

Ask a child of eight what it means to be a boy or a girl and they will give you some honest and very innocent answers. But their understanding is far different than an adult’s understanding. She is being allowed to reject who she is without being old enough to appreciate what being a girl or a woman means. That is incredibly disrespectful to her as a human being and shows a complete disregard for her as she was born and created.

Let children grow up as they are and figure out the world. In decades past, Jodi (as she was named) would be a tomboy. At eight years old, she should not be thinking about sex, nor should her parents be obsessing over her desire to be a boy. If she was bullied at school, notoriety is the last thing she needs. A change of schools, focus on coping mechanisms, and help her make friends is the way to go about this. Not changing her sex. I’m glad she had fun with the boy scouts. Perhaps her parents can encourage some of those same friendships outside of Scouts.

All of this in unhealthy for children. Ask the experts. They all agree. Stop sexualizing children and let them grow up as they are. If they are a boy that plays with dolls and plays dress up, so be it. If they are a girl that dresses like a boy, so what? Don’t attempt to put an adult sexual identity on a child. If you’re a parent, don’t cater to the whims of a child or to your own secret desires to gain attention. Let the child be without trying to change their identity when they aren’t even old enough to understand it.

Thank goodness these cases are exceedingly rare. Most parents of children that are awkward in some way show far more common sense. Awkward can refer to lots of differnt things things that occur to cause children to not fit in with their peers. Most things are phases, but some people just see the world differently. Rather than trying to make them stand out even more, parents can help them find their place. Screaming publicly about rights and laws and how unfair everything is won’t help your child. This should be a time when parents rally around their child and work things out privately instead of putting them on public display.

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