80K Germans sign petition against teaching 'sexual diversity' in schools


I pray that their efforts brings about a positive conclusion.

How can these people not want to encourage tolerance and love?
The pope himself encourages this!
School is where all the bullying and hatred to others who are different than oneself rears its ugly head.
This plan to teach about sexual diversity is a way to combat this. They are not “promoting” it. Telling someone about something is not “promoting” it.
It is informing. It is giving information so that a person may be prepared and well informed about the world.

The catechism itself acknowledges that there are diverse groups that are deep-rooted in their sexual differences…and the pope acknowledges this, too.

The sooner children are taught this so that they do not fear and/or hate those who are different than themselves, the better.
Also, those children who themselves are a sexual minority will not feel alone and shunned in the world.


Anal intercourse is a grave disorder and should be taught as such. It’s nothing to be proud of!!! It wasn’t that long ago that psychologists and psychiatrists viewed it as a mental disorder, which it certainly is.

Sexuality and all that goes with it should be taught by parents to their own children. Schools need to stick to academics.

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