80's and 90's house music

What I like so much about 80’s and 90’s dance songs (espeically those that were primarily house) is how they used elements of electronica music in a well balanced and authentic sounding way compared to the pretentious exagerrated electronica sounds (ex.Kanye West’s “Turn off the lights” or Black eyed peas “Time of my life”) you hear in today’s music.These two videos point out what I’m talking about and they’re mostly house (youtube.com/watch?v=ko4p7A7BSb4 & youtube.com/watch?v=ZiFJ3…eature=related ).The combination of colour,choreography and effects throughout these videos are awesome and I dont care if anyone think they’re cheesy but you just cant seem to see this kind of this kind of stuff anymore espeically in a clean way.If there was a video comparing that kind of music to either today’s or that of around the late 2000’s I think that modern choreography and effects (in terms of appeal) would blown off in a storm.IMO,the key is it’s better if the electronica blends in something I hear a bit in Chris Brown’s “Beautiful people”).House music seems like forgotten in today’s mainstream music scene.When traces of house or electronica appear it ussually just ostentatiously emphasises the lyrics instead of complementing it.It’s seems like such a fun,lively,upbeat and party-ish genre though,how can this be?.Some songs from that era that I like are “Ride on time” by Black box,“Rhthym is a dancer” by Snap and “Break for love” by Raze.Anyone else has any favorites or something to add?.

Heres some 90’s hits i remember

Sweet Like Chocolate:

Two Times-Ann Lee:


The Ketchup song:

No LImit:

Snap-The power:


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