81-day Rosary Novena


Has anyone heard of the 81-day rosary novena? My family and I are going to pray one begining on Wednesday and ending on the August 15 (Assumption) for the conversion of a certain Protestant minister we know. I heard Fr. Mitch Pacwa talking about it on EWTN the other day and he said a friend of his prayed for a certain soul and on the 81st day, the person decided to join the Church. He tried it and the same thing happened with the person he was praying for.

Have any of you heard of it or experienced anything as a result of praying one?


I have never heard of the 81-day Rosary. Do you remember
on which EWTN program it was mentioned by Father Pawca?:confused:

I have a number of times prayed the Rosary Novena to Our Lady which is 27 days in Petition and then 27 days in Thanksgiving (whether or not the petition was granted).

I think I might google 81-day Rosary and see what I come up with.



I googled it too and I didn’t come up with very much. That’s why I wasn’t sure what the tradition was surrounding it.

It was one of those Open Line or EWTN Live programs where people just called in with questions. We just recently got EWTN radio in our area so we are very excited about it, but I can’t keep track of all the programs with people who just call in with questions for the host. There seem to be a lot of them.


When I googled the 81-day Rosary I came up with the impression that it was the 54-Day Rosary Novena with the addition of 27 prayers of Adoration in between the 27 days of prayers of Petition and then the 27 days of prayers of Thanksgiving.

There is a little booklet to be used when praying the 54-Day Rosary and it is called “Rosary Novenas to Our Lady” and it is lovingly known as “The Little Blue Book.”

In the front of the book is a chart wherein you can check off each day as you go through the Novena. That is very helpful in keeping yourself on track. This little book can be purchased online or probably at any Catholic book store.

I have had one for many years. I have always liked structured prayers (I use the little book “Scriptual Rosary” to say the Rosary every day); so I am not sure what prayers I could use for the 27 days of Adoration.

But, I believe the 54-Day Rosary Novena would answer your need.

As to EWTN, I don’t listen to EWTN radio (don’t think it is in my area) but I view many programs on EWTN. I might send an email to Father Pacwa.:harp:



Hi, I know this is an old post but I found some information on the 81 day Novena and thought I would share it with you in case you are still interested. I found the following information on www.dailycatholic.org in an article about Father Robert J. Fox.

81-day novena which is composed of nine nine-day novenas, in which one prays the Rosary Novena three times (27 days) in request, three times (another 27 days) in adoration, and three more times (final 27 days) in thanksgiving. It was a novena from ancient Catholic traditions

I hope this is helpful.

God Bless


I can’t find “The Little Blue Book,” and I checked with my local Catholic Book Store. Can someone tell me another source to find it?
Thanks and God bless…


[quote="Bob_Laywell, post:6, topic:155299"]
I can't find "The Little Blue Book," and I checked with my local Catholic Book Store. Can someone tell me another source to find it?
Thanks and God bless...


Here you go:



I have never heard of this novena....Thanks for bumping up the thread and giving us the extra info on it!

God bless :)


I tried this 81 day novena, praying for my two teenage children to be baptized (they attend an evangelical protestant church). They had resisted because the church requires them to give their testimony in front of the congregation. My kids are a bit shy, and there is no teaching in this evangelical church that makes baptism particularly urgent.

I didn’t know the particulars of this novena so I just determined to pray the rosary for 81 days straight (or until answered) with this intention.

I knew it would take a miracle to move my kids, and God performed one. That terrible earthquake happened here in Japan during this novena and my kids saw the fragility of life and agreed to be baptized.

Today, on Easter Sunday they were both baptized and gave their testimony and I still had 19 days left on the 81 day novena!



I know this thread is old but I wanted to reply because I just found a booklet entitled “Rosary Novenas To Our Lady” published in 1954 in New York by Charles V Lacey with a preface by Rev Raymond P. Lawrence.

The instructions say that you should pray three rounds of 27 days, the first 27 days in petition, and then 27 days of thanksgiving, and another 27 days in thanksgiving whether your prayer was granted or not. Each day you should pray 5 decades, the first day on the Joyful Mysteries, the second on the Sorrowful Mysteries, the third day on the Glorious Mysteries, the fourth day back to the Joyful Mysteries. (The luminous mysteries weren’t around in 1954).
I found it on Amazon in a 1995 publication:



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