89 year-old Philadelphia man accused of war crimes as Nazi death camp guard



I know this guy is old but it does seem fitting that he is finally held accountable for the evil which he participated in.


One way or another, we all will be held accountable for our thoughts, for our deeds, for what we have done and for what we have failed to do.
May we receive and cooperate with the grace needed to repent of our sins and turn to the Lord.


While it’s true that the Nazi’s took evil to a whole new level, to go after an 89 year old man based on 70 year old evidence (if you can even call it evidence) is really torturing the concept of justice.


I always have trouble forming an opinion about this kind of thing. :shrug:

This guy is 89 years old! He probably doesn’t have much longer left to live. What are they going to do? Throw him in jail for the last few years of his life?

During the holocaust, a lot of people’s minds were twisted because of propaganda. While I don’t think that makes what they did any less horrible, if given the chance now they may have changed what they did if they could think straight. Plus, many of those people did what they did out of fear for their own lives. Not everyone is capable of risking death and torture to stand up for what they believe in.


It appears all the evidence they have he was allowed to go home to visit his parents therefore he must have been executing prisoners.


If the evidence stands up then his age should not be a bar to punishment.


alleged. “…for the evil which he is alleged to have participated in.”

Only Catholics, Missouri Synod Lutherans, and global warming “deniers” are guilty until proven innocent. :wink:



Well then he MUST be guilty. Throw him in jail, strip him of his citizenship, extradite him to Germany, and let him die in prison. (Which, given his age, will probably be next week sometime.):rolleyes:


If the evidence is questionable as it appears to be then matters should be investigated fully. If not and a reasonable case can be assembled age should not be used as a get out clause as their is not a statue of limitations for such things. It has to be admitted that given the large gap of time and other factors assembling cases against the few surviving Nazis is difficult, also many of the low and mid level Nazis were passed over or subsumed into post WW2 German govt. or allowed to emigrate, many often were courted by the US and USSR for various projects as well.

However as I state if a case with some strength can be built his age should not deter consideration of these crimes before a court.


“Should be investigated?” The man has been arrested and is being held without bail pending an extradition hearing scheduled for sometime in August. He has been investigated before and it was determined that there was no reason to prosecute him. Now there is new evidence. What is this “evidence?” The fact that he was permitted leave to go visit his parents.

I’m all for prosecuting Nazis (although there are not very many of them left to prosecute), but this case, as it appears in the article, is ridiculous.


This case may indeed be ridiculous and standards of evidence be poor in this particular case in which case I’d say the standards for prosecuting such remaining individuals should be of the highest calibre possible.


It’s all about appeasing a powerful lobby. The government resources devoted to these investigations should be deployed to thwarting real, present and ongoing threats such as terrorism, identity theft, cybercrime, etc.


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