8th Grade CCD Movie Recommendation

Hello All,
The last CCD class of the year for my parish is coming up this Sunday, and since we’ve blown through the material, I was thinking of showing a movie or something to that effect to the students. If anyone would be willing to throw a few titles, I’d be thankful. The students are all 8th graders, and the class is only 90 minutes long.

Thank you!

We are currently trying to find one ourselves for our 8th grade class as well. We want to have a ‘party’ for them as it is the last day of the year for class, but we haven’t found anything appropriate in that 90 minute frame yet.

How about ‘Miracle of Marclino’? It was originally called Marcelino Pan y Vino and came out in 1955. It is available free of charge on youtube and works perfectly with your time schedule-Just under 90 minutes.

I run into this problem at the end of each semester. I like the “Footsteps of God” videos with Steve Ray. They have the feel of a History Channel show and are very interesting. Most big screen movies are too long for a 90 minute class.

I glanced over one I found on Netflix, “John of the Cross”. It’s just over 60 minutes, which I can work with, but I haven’t had the chance to pre-screen it yet. I’ve also thought about showing them one of the Father Brown mysteries, but I’m afraid that might be a bit too dry for them.

The movie Terese is fairly new and is 1 hour 36 minutes.

Just to follow up-
I ended up using the movie John of the Cross because we started a bit late. I just brought in my computer and jumped on Netflix to show them it, no problems what so ever.

Next year, try the last half of The Ten Commandments starting with when Moses sees the burning bush.

The first have can be skipped.

For that age group, I’d go with a ‘secular’ movie that actually has religious themes. They think they’re watching something cool, and later you have a discussion about deeper meanings. Makes them think…

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