9-11 Cross


Does anyone know if the 9-11 Cross will remain even after the Freedom Towers are build?

The 9-11 Cross are those I-beams that form a cross after the WTC Building Collapse.

I hope they will keep it.



Would be interesting to see if it stays…


No reason not too as long as it’s deemed being on private property. If it’s on public/govt property, the ACLU will get involved and then it might get removed. Sad.


Thanks for the picture–I’ve saved it for newsletters my dh and I edit. :clapping:

And I too hope the cross is kept. After all, it is the last remnant of the WTC and it was a focal point for courage and renewed hope. I can’t see anything wrong with that! :thumbsup:


I actually have a large picture in my room of the firemen and the monk blessing it! Oh, YES, the cross is still up…at least as of this past New Year’s weekend when I visited.

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Thanks for posting that picture. Yesterday was my birthday, which was also the feast of the Triumph of the Cross. It’s something to contemplate when looking at that photo.

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