9 Alternative Bible Translations to Spice Up Your Devotional Life


Now THESE are interesting…



The Pro-Homosexual “Queen James” Bible isn’t something I need in my life. Honestly Klingon is the only one that appears to be a real translation.


“Spice up” your devotional life? Uhm… I’d really suggest not doing that. It shouldn’t need “spicing up”. The Bible isn’t a toy, nor is it a casual read which should be interpreted in many different ways for the sake of “diversity of opinion”.

You should read the translations of the Bible which the Church suggests, and read it with the guidance of the Church so that confusion and error does not arise from your reading.


I’ll be honest I find that website extremely offensive.


I’m glad they included the LOL Cat Bible.



Profanation of the word of God.



I think many of you didn’t look at the article closely, and are missing the point. The article specifically says that none of these “translations” are actually recommended. The point is to make light of these ridiculous versions.


The point isn’t that they aren’t recommended. The point is that someone is playing around with Holy Writ, the Word of God.

That’s like making up a bunch of sacrilegious “versions” of the mass and saying, “Look at all these stupid ways to do it. Haw, haw, isn’t that funny how silly the consecration looks? Of course, we wouldn’t really do it this way, but it’s funny, right?”

No, it isn’t funny. To disrespect something so sacred is evil, because it makes light of something *incredibly *weighty.


Having skimmed it for a second, I simply chose to pass and move on.
There are too many people out there with nothing better to do than ridicule something, anything and the Bible is a prime target these days seeing as the Church has “failed to keep up with society”. We should simply move on, continue to show our faith in Jesus in our daily lives, leave the ridiculers to their play and hope that someday they will see the truth of Christ’s Church through us.



If only I could take these and put them in Luther’s hands on the day before he posted his thesis.


Sad to see some can’t handle a little sarcasm.


It is a sin to mock or make jokes about sacred things or people. Very few things are more sacred than Scripture.

In Jesus’ time a Jew would have been cast out of the community for mocking the written word of God or for making sarcastic jokes out of God’s word.



And here, I thought the site was going to recommend Knox, the originsl and New Jerusalem Bibles, and the Christisn Community Bible…



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