9 dead in attack on South Carolina church [CC]

A gunman entered Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Charleston, South Carolina, on June 17 and killed nine people who had gathered for a prayer meeting.The church is …


We are hearing things like this more & more. Lone gunman kills people in movie theatre, gunman kills kids in school…etc. etc.

This may have been a racial hate crime but it also seems crazy people are seeing the notoriety the others are getting & are copy cat killers. My humble opinion!

I know that area.

First impressions of perp: crazy. Not to exclude racial hatred.

I’m sorry to hear that. May the gunman get what he deserves.

Obama was quick to blame this shooting on the availability of guns, which is a bit like blaming spoons for obesity. He doesn’t care about the lives that were lost.

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