9 priests in my diocese have sexually abused a minor/minors since 1968


The church here in Australia, is not defending anyone guilty. Its a place all Diocese need to reach. To say yes this happened,

we apologise profusely to those hurt and injured. We are doing everything in our power to pick our church and its body back up and get on with things.
And to provide pastoral care to everyone.

We have a Plenary Council in 2020. The issue of keeping children safe and restoring the church as a place of trust and faith to its people, is big on the agenda.

We all have a voice, we can all comment on the council and what we want it to do.
Today in the Homily, our Priest told us to write 200 words if we felt inspired by the Holy Spirit, to our Diocese. For the Plenary Council.

I bet Pope Francis will call a Plenary Council in USA and in Chile.


God is not responsible for our evil. We choose to do evil, we choose to reject God and go towards evil and temptation’

I asked you once if you were Catholic, as we were having a discussion about good and evil and sin.
So I ask again, Are you Catholic


we are defending the church, not the evil in the church. we are not defending evil men and women religious and laity that attempted to bring down the church and in the process, ruined lives with their evil.


you got it sister! This is war, this is the devil trying to destroy our souls through destroying the church.


Remember, that’s that the devil wants. The VAST MAJORIRY of priests are good men, who are truely sickened about what has happened due to perverts who were allowed into the seminary and eventually the priesthood.


It is not happening today, it seems. Has anyone missed the obvious? The thread links the diocesan list of its own priests who have been credibly accused. That is not hiding or covering up, but the opposite.


In other words, it was that I hadn’t read the thread, not that a non-lawyer couldn’t understand the nuances of the discussion.

Very well.


I know we have had this discussion before. That would be a faith problem on your part. If you are willing to give up receiving the Eucharist because of anything you have a faith problem.


I have a priest who is like a best friend of mine. I have also personally seen some other shining examples of wonderful priests in my time on this earth. But I have seen horrors as well. I think its a test of faith for this generation. Some are going to fail, others will not.


I don’t think I’d ever leave after my confession yesterday.


I am going to come out and say what is in my heart about this. If anything can turn you from God and the church Christ founded, there is something wrong with your faith that needs to be dealt with. Look, I am a survivor of clergy abuse myself. It did not destroy my faith. It was a test I had to undergo to strengthen it. I have had times where I found it nearly impossible to trust again, and what I did, was turn to Jesus, and I pleaded for help with that, I never gave up even when it felt like it was killing me.


Thank you for being honest. Leaving isn’t the answer. Where would we go? The Catholic Church has the fullness of Truth and has JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF Body Blood Soul Divinity. I couldn’t leave either for the failings of some human beings in the Church. Jesus chose Judas and Peter and di they let Him down. But the Catholic Church is still here 2000 plus years later. No where else to go to get what it TRUE than the Catholic Church.


I’m sorry.

This kind of hurt can be overcome.

My father was a child molester. We grew up in abuse. People presumed because of this we would never be able to trust men, at all. And for awhile that’s exactly how I was. When I saw fathers with their children I presumed they were hurting those children. It wasn’t MEN that I distrusted, it was fathers.

My sister, the one who bore the worst of the abuse, has four beautiful children and a husband whom she trusts completely with those children.

Watching her learn how to trust fathers helped me learn how to let go of my distrust and hurt.

I’m just married and I trust my fellow completely.

It’s really easy when we see these abuses to become jaded and to think everyone is guilty, everyone is evil, everyone is suspect… but it’s important not to do that for your own peace of mind. That kind of anger hurts you, not the ones who did wrong.

It’s hard to trust again, it can take time, but eventually it will come and you’ll have new skills to recognize evil.

PS: I do understand distrusting the ‘system’ that failed. My sister and I both spoke out and told adults (teachers, social workers) about the abuse. Nobody did anything. So I get the added layer of hurt that comes from those who should do something NOT doing something but again… that anger should be aimed at the individuals not the institution. Just MHO.


This is not the first time that members of the clergy have been found to be unfaithful. It won’t be the last. Take heart though, Christ is still present in the Church, and he will continue to do so. There are still plenty of faithful men who serve the Church. Pray for the Church. Your prayers are needed.


You ought to find out the comparable numbers of public school teachers in the county (dioceses are typically much larger than counties) who have abused.

9 since 1968…very very small %


The biggest thing I have against this argumentation is that it sounds like an excuse (it pretty much is), it doesn’t make the distinction between the grace of God and sinful man, it ignores the fact that the cover up is the bigger scandal, and it ignores the special trust that are placed within clergy. Personally I think it is better to acknowledge the failure in a humble attitude of repentance and point to Christ. Sorry, didn’t mean to jump on your comment. Hope that came off as in a spirit of love.


Exactly what he wants, satan will think he has won if every Catholic walks away.


It’s no excuse. Zero cases is the goal, in fact, ZERO is really not the goal. Zero is really the goal of a lukewarm soul. The goal should be in the other direction entirely: that priests (and you and I too) are so much the image and constant presence of Jesus Christ in our own little part of the world that millions of souls are drawn to the Church, to Our Lord Himself.

That’s the goal.

But there is a group of shaky faith people who are ever ready to slide out of the boat in the storm and think that the safe and good place is on the shore somewhere else.


Well said.


This priest Dennis Gray taught at our school in the 70’s. He would invite minors to his residence and give them alcohol. I remember drinking beer with a bunch of us and thinking something wasn’t quite right. It was sad and pathetic.
He also invited young men and boys to his cabin in Michigan.

At the same time Gray was an associate at our parish, we had a pastor name Robert Thomas who was later arrested for sex with a male minor.
The diocese helped cover this up.

There are others.
In fact I just now discovered after reading this whole article that the replacement for Denny Gray, Fr Liston, raped a school-mate of mine the year I graduated.

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