90 minutes in Heaven


has anyone read “90 minutes in Heaven” by Don Piper?Its about a Baptist Pastor from Texas who was in a car crash and died and went to heaven for a while and came back to life?


nope…did he convert after his experience?


so… what did he find out ???


yes what did he find out?


No, but I read three similar books by Mary K. Baxter about her alleged experiences in the afterlife. That was during my “heterodox” days… :smiley:


lol yes what did he find out ?:smiley:


I once went to a soriety mixer and after 5 drinks found myself in heaven for approx. 7 minutes.


and when I came back to earth, my wallet was gone!


That’s angels for you :slight_smile:

See the video of the book


Does the book tell us if he seen Jesus,and is he now Catholic.


Maybe you learn from this experience. Next time take your wallet with you.:smiley:


But they’re always saying that you can’t take it with you!


(and believe me, I learned something from that experience)


[quote=Genesis 5:21-24]When Valke2 had 5 drinks, he entered heaven. And after he entered heaven, Valke2 walked with God 7 minutes and learned from this experience. All in all, Valke2 liked the soriety mixer. Valke2 walked with God; then his wallet was no more, because someone took it away.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist. :o


No but I did watch the Simpson’s episode where Marge imagines Protestant Heaven.:smiley:


Verily. And thence after there was much bragging but the people of Rutgers would not listen.


That was hilarious!


nope, he’s still a heathen…:rolleyes:


I just reread her “A Divine Revelation of Hell” after visiting BB forum.

The only bad thing about the book was that it supports a pre-trib rapture…

The good point is that it negates the soul sleep issue and it negates the idea that the whore of babylon is the RCC, it’s actually a demon waiting to be released. This maybe the reason the anti-catholics don’t like it.


But does Heaven take credit cards?

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