90 year old charity worker arrested for feeding the homeless


Florida charity worker, 90, and two clergymen, arrested by police for feeding the homeless

Read more: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2822829/Charity-worker-90-arrested-police-feeding-homeless-gets-right-work-one-day-later-despite-outcry-insensitive-mayor-gets-arrested-again.html#ixzz3IVwWENMk
I don’t see why in America they arrest you if you want to give a starving homeless person a bite to eat?


This is ridiculous, why would you arrest a do gooder?
It’s even more ridiculous that the mayor is against the 90 year old gentleman.
What’s the most ridiculous is that the mayor wants homeless people to go to the government for food. :slapfight:


I saw the police escorting this man off the premises on television. All I can say is this is ludicrous even if it is in the state of Florida!




I would take this article with a grain of salt. This article is from DailyMail… a British tabloid magazine.


Well looks like the Daily Mail got it right this time. Google his name “Arnold Abbott” and you will see a dozen other news websites reporting the same thing.


I agree with the dailymail but it is here too.




Fox “News” :stuck_out_tongue:



There are other sources reporting the same thing. And there are videos of the arrest.
Do you doubt the reports of this on yahoo, the sun sentinel, the Christian Science Monitor, ABC News, National Public Radio, etc.?


That man has his heart in the right place and is doing the Lord’s work, BUT - there are two sides to every story. It is not illegal to feed the homeless in Ft. Lauderdale, but it must be done according to regulations that have been put in place to protect the rights of the citizens.

He’s feeding hundreds, if not thousands, in public parks and beaches where there are NO bathrooms nearby. Where do you think all those well-fed homeless people are going to defecate and urinate? On the beach, in the bushes and on doorsteps, that’s where. Let’s face it, the vast majority of homeless people have mental problems or are addicts. They are not being helped by feeding them and sending them on their merry way to the neighbor’s homes and businesses.

Comments from citizens of Ft. Lauderdale on other websites reveal the other side of the issue:

I live and work in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. I have had many unpleasent incidents with homeless people: from human feces in my yard and under my window to my garbage being tossed aropund my yard as they look for aluminum.

I did notice one thing while traveling around today, no more beggars at the exit ramp of I95 to bother the people in the cars at the light, yippeeeeeeee. I am tired of all those who approach drivers while stopped at traffic lights and walk around between the cars, so hopefully not feeding them will make them head somewhere else. I have even seen some of them scratch cars when the people did not give them money, they were ruining Fort Lauderdale, so IMO it is long overdue that they clamped down on them.

I feel the homeless should get a place to stay and food to eat but they should not be sleeping on the streets, in the parks or bothering people.

What I see in Fort Lauderdale and also in North Miami Beach are people who choose homelessness as a way of life. I see them regularly drinking beer from cans while they congregate on or near bus benches and in city and county parks. They panhandle from everyone (even children). I often witness groups of high school aged children standing upwind of a bus bench waiting for their bus, while a homeless person is sprawled across it sleeping.

Local churches feed the homeless and do nothing else to help them socially, so the homeless basically live in the public areas near these churches. Of course the do-gooders who attend these churches live miles away, so they are effectively keeping the homeless out of their neighborhoods.

Sorry, but from what I see, most of the homeless in S. Florida are basically addicted and/or socially/mentally ill people. If we really want to help them, we should help ensure gov’t or local church/nonprofit services provide them with programs, acceptable to them, that help address/cure their social problems and help them ideally get off the street. Feeding them, or as one councilwoman does (put socks on them) is a ridiculous approach to “helping” them in the first place.


Are you sure there are no bathrooms nearby? Public parks in our local area all have bathrooms. Same with public beaches. Further, two of those arrested were clergy from a local church. Usually a church has a bathroom. What are you supposed to do anyway if you are in a public park and feel the urge to relieve yourself. If these public parks do not have toilets, they certainly should have.
One of the reports is that they have threatened to put this 90 year old man in jail for the crime of feeding the homeless. In the Bible we read of the miracle of the loaves and the fishes where thousands of people were fed by Our Divine Lord. Do you think that Our Divine Lord should have been arrested and put in jail for feeding all those hungry people?


Some of the articles said there were no bathrooms nearby. The 90 year old man said that he thought the city should provide them. The city says “no” apparently.


Well, then, if such is the case they should arrest and put in jail the mayor, the superintendent of public parks and the director of the public department of health for allowing public parks without proper sanitary facilities for human needs. After arresting and incarcerating these incompetent leaders, they should appoint competent people who will see to it that the public parks have proper sanitary facilities.
This can be done overnight since there are portable toilets available at a few hours notice. These portable toilets can be used until the competent authorities replace them with permanent structures.
In any case, I don’t see why they should be arresting people who out of a spirit of love for their less fortunate neighbor, are giving a bite to eat to a starving homeless victim of poverty.
Let us remember the example of Our Divine Lord who by the miracle of the loaves and fishes fed thousands of hungry people. Should we follow the example of Our Divine Lord or should we instead bow to these incompetent politicians who have failed to provide the proper restroom facilities in our public parks and other places where large crowds of people gather?


According to the article,

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler is speaking out against Abbott, saying homeless people should have to interact with the government to get food.

This is the BIG Government under the Obama Administration. Under Big Government, any ridiculous and outrageous thing could happen.


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