93% of Brits to skip the church on Christmas

London: A new survey has revealed that almost 93% of Britons would be skipping the church on Christmas Day. They would either be spending Christmas eating turkey, drinking champagne or opening presents - but will not attend the church.

The study by Opinion Matters only 11% had the intention of attending Midnight Mass last night on Christmas Eve, while 86% said they sent Christmas cards.

Daily Express columnist Ann Widdecombe told Express.co.uk: “If you’re not going to church on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day then why are you celebrating Christmas?”

“What does Christmas mean if you are not going to church?” she asked.

The survey also showed that a huge 87% of 16-24-year-olds are opting out, compared with only 72% of over 55s. Widdecombe said political correctness is the reason for the low attendance figures.

“Political correctness is surpressing Christianity. You can no longer say what you think because you be accused of offending other faiths,” she added.

Women are more likely to attend church over Christmas than men. Only 11% of men said they would spend the holy day there, compared with 14% of women. Rector Thomas Holme said low numbers of church attendance are down to secularisation.

“The country has become much more secular. When am I going to church?’ is still very much down on the list of thoughts at Christmas,” he said.

“I am not encouraged by the future of the church and organised religion - it is in decline,” he added.


Living in Europe, I do not understand this. Everywhere else in the World Christianity is growing, the Americas, Africa, Asia etc. but not in Europe! I’ve heard the reason is state Churches, but I’m not sure if that is the reason.

The Anglican Church is not in decline; it is imploding. Women priests, gay clergy, abortion approval and an invasion of Islam have all contributed to it's end. It is very sad to see it end this way, but the Catholic Church will always be there to welcome our seperated brothers and sisters in Christ back home to the one, true Church!

For starters the wording of the question might have been confusing - ON CHRISTMAS DAY means that those who were planning to attend Midnight Mass might also say no, but then they ALSO might say no to attending on Christmas Eve, since Midnight Mass is not the same thing as Christmas Eve/Christmas Vigil, neither is it the same thing as Christmas Day.

For another - depends on which groups (by age, gender, ethnicity, locality and the like) the questioners were asking, how many people they questioned and the like.

I’ve worked in the past with this sort of opinion polling, and it is very easy to get an inaccurate result.

For example, there are many areas of London and other cities that have very high non-Christian populations (Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and the like) and researchers could have gone into those areas.

From my experience at attending the Christmas Vigil Mass, it was full up that the Priest needed to place more chairs in addition to the pews, and even then finding a seat became difficult.

Also to note that the area surrounding was engulfed quite a bit with cars.

God Bless.


Given the message if the Anglican Church lately, from the Archbishop of Canterbury advocating sharia to the priests advocating shoplifting, the fact that nobody is really even listening is not as bad as it might first appear.

The teachings of the Catholic Church remain the same.

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