94 out of 97 Detroit Public Schools closed due to teacher 'sickouts'


Detroit’s public schools have been in crisis for months. The school district has about $515 million in operating debt, the governor’s office has said, and is spending about $1,100 per student on debt service annually cnn.com/2016/05/02/us/detroit-schools-teacher-sickout/

                                            I remember a news story a couple of years ago already in which it was suggested (in Chicago) that with rising costs of public education, state pension crisis, and police hiring freezes, that public libraries may soon be a luxury we can no longer afford. I think more likely, public education is rapidly becoming a luxury (not that I'd really call it that) we can no longer afford.


Adjust the compensation package, salary and pension, until the total matches with the revenue stream.


It’s funny how, when you threaten to not pay your employees, they don’t show up to work.


Maybe you didn’t catch the fact that the Detroit Public School teachers are now working for free. Apparently that is what matches the revenue stream.


Nooo … they DO get paid … however, the AMOUNT is limited to how much the city collects in taxes.


Democrats have run Detroit (into the ditch) since 1962


Yep, and that’s kind of the same as not getting paid.


Research this story some more. I just heard a detailed report about it on the radio. Due to the financial mess the city is in, it has not been able to meet payroll. It has been postponing paying the teachers.


Right on, but you’ll never get the Dems to see that.


Nope … kinda not.

Getting paid 50 cents on the dollar is not the same as not getting paid.

Not getting paid is when the checks bounce.

Getting 50 cents on the dollar is when you do get some pay.

One of the issues is that there just isn’t enough revenue coming in to pay 100%.

Big difference.

More than just semantics.


So, they aren’t showing up to work because they won’t get paid what was promised. Again, hardly surprising.


This teacher will teach Detroit’s kids for cents on the dollar.



Detroit public schools are in a load of trouble. Here’s an article from last October that is very sobering (see below). 93% of its eighth grade students are not proficient in reading and 96% are not proficient in Math. They spend $18,361 per student per year. Federal expenditures are about a quarter of a billion dollars per year; local taxes amount for another quarter of a billion, and State taxes account for a half billion – a billion dollars a year in total. And now they say they can’t pay the teachers? Uh-uh. Nope. Something doesn’t add up. Read all about it here: cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/detroit-public-schools-93-not-proficient-reading-96-not-proficient


If only those doggone teachers could figure out how to start teaching instead of letting themselves get distracted by drugs, violence, teen pregnancies, poverty, hunger,


Detroit Public Schools has more serious problems than teachers not wanting to work if they are not paid. Over the years there have been serious charges against school officials and others regarding funds in the Detroit Public School system.


Don’t know how people in Detroit are going to be able to continue to pay school teachers when they can’t pay water bills detroitnews.com/story/news/local/detroit-city/2016/05/02/detroit-water-shutoffs/83847482/


Seamus, thanks for the update.

If the DWSD has 20,000 accounts in arrears, that represents 10% of the total customer base which is estimated at 200,000 clients. That’s 20,000 households/businesses that are more than three months in arrears. If the average monthly bill is (as stated) $75 per month, the total bill for water service that is overdue is at least $4.5 million dollars due RIGHT NOW – and that’s based on the average bill – the amount outstanding could be MUCH higher.

It is worth noting that Flint, Michigan – which is now in trouble because of lead in the water – used to receive their water from Detroit but, because the Flint city council considered the price for that water to be too high, they switched to local sources – hence the Flint Water Crisis. When Flint pulled out from their contract with DWSD, a corresponding crisis occurred in Detroit because it no longer had the Flint income to subsidize their own water usage. This can only continue to get worse.

Laying the blame where it belongs (the Democratic Party of Detroit and Flint who ruled both cities for at least the past 50 years) does not remedy the problems they created.

Detroit is bleeding in debt. Detroit’s children are left ignorant and unemployable. The schools themselves are cesspools of corruption and neglect. Industry has left the city and cannot possibly return soon enough – it will take years, perhaps decades, before there is a restoration of economic order; and perhaps it will never happen. And who will pay for this disaster?

I have watched the U.S. Dept. of Energy under President Obama’s watch (another Democrat), offer Solyndra, a solar panel manufacturer in California, over a half-BILLION dollars in a guaranteed loan back in 2009. Solyndra declared bankruptcy in September 2011. The money was squandered. Would that money have been better spent on the schools of Detroit? I’m talking about children’s lives here, not pie-in-the sky green industries. I’m just asking.


Well, if the services being performed turn out to be unsatisfactory … the students are unable to read and the water is unsafe … then where do we go from here?

Should the school board and the water district simply contract out for those services and not invite the previous employees to return.


It sounds like Detroit schools are actually currently run by the city of Detroit! Seriously, though, this is not just a GOP/Dem problem. Detroit’s problem is that it has very little tax base. Why? Because everyone who could afford to leave Detroit has. Detroit’s peak population came in the 1950s. After that (partly due to bank red-lining which caused “White Flight” which ravaged home values, and partly due to race riots, and partly due to a whole host of other things), the city has been in one slow death spiral.


Sort of. The former governor (Democrat Jennifer Granholm) put the school system under State control, as it had been racking up huge deficits.

That has continued since 2009.

So yes, there is a school board, but all major financial decisions have to be approved by a State appointed trustee.

One other thing that is going is some corruption.


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