98-year-old New Jersey woman seeks exoneration from McCarthy-era conviction


In 1950, Miriam Moskowitz was convicted of conspiring to lie to a grand jury investigating allegations of espionage relating to the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg case. Today, the 98-year-old will be in court seeking exoneration.

The government has opposed Moskowitz’s request, saying her conviction was supported by the evidence.

“Her claims, even if taken at face value, are insufficient to establish an error under today’s law, let alone the law when she was convicted in 1950,” prosecutors said in court papers.

Moskowitz’s lawyers say FBI and grand jury statements by the key government witness against her were withheld from the defense.

The judge in the case has urged a speedy resolution, for obvious reasons.


Excellent article on this in today’s Wall Street Journal. She got caught and still won’t accept responsibility for her actions.


She lost:



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