"99 Balloons” This will touch your heart


Something you have just got to see…it is an incredible video about the very short life of a little boy named Eliot. It’s called “99 Balloons” and it is about 5 or 6 minutes long – I guarantee it will touch your heart

if the link doesn’t work copy and paste in your internet browser

In Christ;


Yes I love that video.

There have have been threads in the past that have linked that video. Maybe there are still some who have not seen it?

God bless,


I’ve just seen it. Eliot’s parents are awesome - I could see their faith in the Lord by their smiling, caring and what the husband said.

This reminds me of another baby from our parish. She was born with lungs, heart, brain, and DNA problem. Amazingly, after couple of weeks of praying the Divine Mercy, the baby got home with no sign of the problems.

The little baby was name Faustina (after the Saint)


wow poor parents awww Im glad they have faith in God theyre going to need it.


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