99 Balloons


I came across this short video (under 6 minutes) of a babies life that might of been aborted in another family. If you are on the cusp about abortion for babies that aren’t “perfect” this video might change someones mind.

Warning: no dry eyes!


Wonderful. :angel1: Thanks Debra. I’m passing it along.

I’ll say. Oh boy.


On the blog I originally saw it on, a woman who did sonograms at a hospital said she saw a lot of women counseled to abort because of Eliiots illness or something like it. She never thought much of it, she felt she understood. Although Eliot did live much longer than most she said you can see that the baby is someone, not a “disease” and once you “met Eliot” how can you not be moved.


I saw this the other day and just cried. So great. I love how happy they are. They really show you how wonderful those 99 days were. Something to cherish, not avoid altogether!


I saw it, too. I think it may have been posted in another thread. It’s just beautiful.


yep it was posted recently in another thread.

see here: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=148128


One of the nicest things I have seen in a long time. And in the blog on the website…they said…motherhood can only be gained, never lost. How true!

Happy Mother’s Day


I think they were releasing each balloon seperately as they counted the ninety-nine days. (It looked like it anyway–there is music and the father’s voice overplaying the scene)

Wonderful idea. Beautiful!

See you soon, son.
Mom and Dad



I was so touched by that little Eliot & his amazing parents. I’ve watched that clip about 10 times and I’ve cried every single time.

Life is so very precious.


I haven’t had a good cry in a while, thank you.


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