99 Essential Chants on Amazon.com

99 Essential Chants on Amazon.com
This album is supposed to be on sale for 99 cents on June 20. I know that there are some non-christian chants on there, but for the sale price it seems like something worthwhile. What do ya’ll think?

Of course.

You can’t even get a hamburger for that cheap. Or is it fries? I forget.

Such a deal - but it’s an album.:shrug:

I thought some of you would like to know about this. I found that Amazon is releasing a collection of 99 essential Chants (Gregorian and Orthodox chants mostly) for $0.99 only, today and tomorrow as a digital download.

Six hours of sacred music for less than a dollar.


There are some really beautiful chants in there. 99 cents a pop, though. I’ll have to be selective, but thanks for the tip!

No it is actually $0.99 for all the songs. You just click buy and it will download the entire 99 songs.
It has the option to buy the song one by one but it is because they are going to increase the price after the weekend. When it will be more expensive it will make sense to buy only a few tracks.

But right now it is 99 cents for all the songs.

It is working.

So it does! Wow! Thanks again for the tip. These are lovely.

The album downloads as 99 individual MP3’s, from which you can choose which ones to keep and which to delete.

Props to your marketing department Jade (from Jade Music/Milan Records? :D). I just bought the collection as it was too good to pass up. Feel free to let me know of any other deals!

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