9th Circuit Court - Legalize prostitution in California


Its not quite the same thing; but, has legalizing abortion created fewer abortions or has it normalized it? It has certainly made abortions safer.

I’m just not sure of the ramifications of making it legal; I don’t want people to think it’s ok.

I think I’d be more comfortable with eliminating prosecution/punishment.


I have read a few things about this. Apparently it’s not all roses when it is decriminalized:

  • “…Sabrinna Valisce, who volunteered with the NZPC over a 25-year period. Valisce campaigned alongside her colleagues for blanket decriminalisation, but now regrets doing so. “I thought it would give more power and rights to the women,” she told me, “but I soon realised the opposite was true.”
    According to Valisce, decriminalisation benefitted the punters and brothel owners rather than those selling sex within them.”

  • “A 2012 article in the journal World Development reported that “countries with legalised prostitution have a statistically significantly larger reported incidence of human trafficking inflows”.”

“Brothel owners could choose their prices, they say all-inclusive [which means the punter can have sex with the woman he has paid for as many times as he wishes],” says Valisce. “So clients would go into the room, see a girl and she would have to deal with them wanting to do anything and everything.”


Yes - - what is ideal (I believe) is the prosecution of the customers / pimps of prostitutes, but not the prostitutes themselves, who are often victims.


I face a dilemma when I see things like this.


I don’t think that prostitution ought to be legalized, but I can understand the de-criminalisation of it. I might not support it, but I can understand it. There opens then an opportunity for those involved with prostitution to seek help without facing the gaol. Some girls are literally born into it.

Yet, I think any man who has sunk so low as to pay for a prostitute ought to be charged.

But I refrain from supporting legalization because legalization is, regardless, an endorsement.


Prostitution is not a profession. It is harmful to public morals, it is harmful to women and it is against social order. It should never be legal.


Ed, it is a saying, and expression, a metaphor even. No, being a prostitute is not a profession. It was artistic license.


I’d say it is a profession. The word doesn’t have to be limited to morally good jobs. A prostitute can have specific skills (beyond just sexual). People make their living by this trade. I have no problem with the terms professional thief, professional banker or even professional politician.


I think the best word to describe my choice to use the phrase “worlds oldest profession” is this word:

grimly mocking or cynical.
"Starkey attempted a sardonic smile"
synonyms: mocking, satirical, sarcastic, ironical, ironic;

Not that there are specific situations where your characterization would not apply.


Sex worker is a fake term. Prostitute is correct. It is much like the military referring to the dead and injured as casualties. It makes it sound less human.


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