9th Earthquake Rattles Eastern Connecticut

9th Earthquake Rattles Eastern Connecticut
Plainfield police have received more phone calls reporting an earthquake this morning, the ninth to rattle the area since last Thursday.


Can’t blame these on fracking

I would be really nervous with that many earthquakes!

Nine earthquakes :eek: … but only 2.1 on the richter scale? :confused:

To Californians that’s like:

– nine divorced couples in the condos around yours moving out, one per day. :ouch:

Maybe the big one is yet to come. :eek: I didn’t feel a thing. :slight_smile:

Recent Earthquakes Near LA and Southern California

We have only had thirty in the last six days.

Sounds like the USA is on a rumble:D

State Officials Meet on State’s Earthquake Preparedness

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, that is nothing.

I’m sure, but you also have the benefit of seismic building codes. Its kind of like us saying a tornado is no big deal but you don’t have basements. :smiley:

However, it has been known for many years that there is a major fault that runs through New England. I have been told that it hasn’t really cut loose since the time of the Pilgrims when it knocked a lot of cabins down.

I recall watching a stand up ash tray rocking in my parents living room in Bangor, Maine about 1940. That was when I first heard the term earthquake.

Anything below a 3 should cause minimal damage at worst unless you live in a third world slum.

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