A 1000 pulsing watts of Little House on the Prairie

Had to have a chuckle at my 10 y.o daughter watching Little House reruns through a system…I explained we had 2-3 inch speakers connected to our TV’s to listen through, not a 7 and 1 to turn up to 25. I guess it’s better then the thumping of Nick.

So did you have a very loud Harriet crying, “Nells!” with her annoying cadence, poor Nells?

No, it was the one when Mary went blind…:cool:

Holy cow, what a great show! I love watching it on hubby’s big screen HD tv. :slight_smile:

One of the greatest moments in the series:

[Mary] Don’t send me away! Please don’t send me away - let me stay here! I don’t want people looking at me, feeling sorry for me. Please let me stay! Please let me stay!

[Caroline] Mary, I don’t want to send you away. But if they can help you… You can’t spend the rest of your life sitting in that chair!

A veritable tour de force performance by Melissa Sue Anderson: youtube.com/watch?v=HUCoy4mf648

I think one of the sweetest scenes from Little House is the composition Laura “reads”

The the only thing written on the sheet is:

Ma is good.
She cooks.
She cleans.
She sews.


Oh my gosh! I love that episode! Just when you think she is so busted by her teacher… And Ma making those dresses for the girls.

I literally tried to go through all the episodes, in order, looking for one that didn’t make me cry, in joy or sorrow, at some point.

When I find that episode, I’ll let you know which one! :thumbsup:

What a fantastic show! I am glad I grew up with it.

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