A 2 part Question

[1] Can one tell God how he should be God?

[2] How/ Why

God Bless you,

As the song that was in the Christian music charts says:

Does the clay say to the potter"You’re doing it wrong? "

She was paraphrasing a passage from Scripture.

God is great God is perfect. The best player is that God should help you change.
Trust in Him

You most certainly can, but it is about as efficacious as telling my wife how she should behave.!

:shrug:How can man give testimony of God?

Jesus never accepted testimony from men, only God can give testimony of God. God is the one who reveals to us who God is.

If man has the power to reveal who God is, then that god is a false god invented by man.

If man is a Son of the living God, man then can ask God His Father for anything in Jesus name. God to His son’s in the only begotten is IAM. God is whatever we need him to be for us in order to have eternal life.

If man is not a Son of the living God, then that man has no ears to hear God or eyes to see God.

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