A 3rd Temple?


I have heard many times of Evangelicals claiming that a new temple must be built prior to the second coming. Im curious as to how that temple, if it is actually built, could conduct worship since the line of priest have been broken for some 2000 years. I see no continuity to any service that may take place there if the temple is rebuilt. Even if they have historical books that describe the worship ceremony the line of priest have been broken and any attempt are restarting the worship would be in vain. I feel it is hypothetical at the notion that the Palestinian Muslims would even allow such an undertaking to take place. But for arguments sake, would Jews actually want a new temple knowing that they have been disconnected for so long a time without any succession to the priesthood of the past?


Many Jews today have no real desire for re-establishing the Temple. Many today are simply non-religious. But yes the end of the Levitical priesthood through the lack of practice for 2000 years is another reason.
The Jews who yearn for a third Temple are the Orthodox. The ones who pray at the Western Wall etc.
As far as I know those Orthodox Jews trace their acncestry back to the Pharisees not the priests. So it wouldn’t be them who run and regulate the Temple. It would be interesting to know what an Orthodox Jew would say about the whereabouts of todays Levites.
If St. Paul were still around(on earth) he would say ‘see I told you so’ The Melchizedek priesthood really is eternal and greater than the Levitical priesthood which has essentially vanished.


We can scrape up a few Kohane’s and Levites. Don’t worry.


:rotfl: I had a philosophy professor that was a Levite. But … what are your thoughts as a Jew on this idea (and wouldn’t this be Temple 4? or does Herod’s temple work not count as a separate Temple?)?


“Scrape up” being the operative term here…You literally would have to “scrape” them “up” out of their tombs!


This is basically what I’ve been told.

I worked for a Jewish family in a predominantly Jewish business for about 5 years.

One time in conversation, I mentioned that I didn’t think that the Jewish people knew what tribe they were descended from anymore. Boy, was I corrected!!

Apparently, different last names are associated with different tribes and the people I was speaking with were pretty confident that they were correct. I distinctly remember them saying that the Cohen’s were Levitical.

Anyways, it’s anecdotal, but the point is that, right or wrong, there is a sense of direct continuity.

P.S. If I had to bet on it, I’d bet that they’re right. These kinds of things would have been very important to the Jews as they were dispersed. I could definitely see the oral handing on of this kind of critical information being done accurately for all this time.


This is ignorant and boorish.


No. Actually we know who are Kohans and who are levites. As it happens, I am a levy and my brother-in-law is a Kohan


that’s true. Also with the Kohans, there is a genetic marker that identifies them. Don’t ask me about the science but it was pretty well publicized a few years ago.


Herod’s doesn’t count. Guess it is viewed as more of a renovation. The idea of the Temple being rebuilt is one that most Jews believe in. Personally, I’m ambivilant, as I see Judasim as having evolved to a point where I don’t think we need a central Temple. But to the extent we have dogma on the subject, we expect it to be rebuilt.

INterestingly, Rambam, who was a biggie in the Jewish \sage department, was not crazy about the idea of reinstituting sacrifices. He believed it would not be necessary, but he wrote about the sacrifical laws in case his view was not accepted.


You are correct and the evangelicals are being misled. The Judaism of today, any branch, is not the Judaism of the Bible. The ‘third’ temple the
evangelicals refer too is the second temple which has already been ‘rebuilt’ and then destroyed. Their ideas are based on a misinterpretation and twisting of scripture which aims to destroy the fact that Christ set up his kingdom…the Catholic church.

For reference check out David Currie’s recent book (2003) Rapture: The End-Times Error That Leaves the Bible Behind

Much solid reseach in this book.


Quite frankly: ********.

Where’s you’re documentation? The Temple, along with the records, were destroyed almost 2,000 years ago.


I don’t read *******. Fortunately for us, we don’t actually need to convince you.


Once again, more ********. I’ve read the studies - if you care to open your mind, and lose a debate, I’ll debate you. If you stand by and ignore the scientific evidence, and prefer to believe the propaganda, there’s no point.


Who are you going to have to convince? By the way, it’s been almost 2,000 years. That Temple will NEVER be rebuilt - it was rebuilt with Jesus’ Resurrection, but your hard heart just can’t accept it.


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Is he related to George M Cohan?

He married Ethel Levey.


It was awe-inspiring when I walked into a synagogue and saw the Roll of the Law being carried as it was in Moses day. But apart from the tribe of Levi, and house of Aaron, how are the 11 tribes identified today?

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