A 93 year old case for church authority

My 93 year old Christian (non-Catholic) mother-in-law commented recently saying she believes it is okay to use birth control, especially to prevent large families. Surprised, I responded by stating that up until 1930 all Christians, Catholic and non-Catholic agreed contraception to be intrinsically evil, and followed with God’s command to be fruitful and multiply, in addition to recounting the “Sin of Onan.”

Her response was, “Why didn’t anyone ever explain that to me. I’m no Bible scholar. None of my preachers ever told me any different, probably cause no one ever explained it to them. You know, I’ve sat in the pew before and listened to the preacher teach and thought, that ain’t right, but what do I know, he’s the preacher. Certainly, God would want us all to understand the Bible the same way.”

Wouldn’t He?

OK, but who chooses which way?:smiley:

God! :smiley:

How about the one who put the Bible together in the first place, the Catholic Church. Who better to be its interpreting authority, than the Church that decided on its canon.

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