A Baby Bird


My mother found a baby sparrow outside of her work hanging off of the building on one leg. She just told me this and she has the bird in the house.

I don’t know what to do. Should I take it to the local veterinarian? In the meantime how should I feed it?

I just mashed up some cat food and softened it up with water to make a mush. It ate a little of it. I just found this out 5 minutes ago so I am confused on what to do.

The Bird keeps turning over on his back, is that alright? I don’t want him to get hurt.

He’s really young; he dosen’t even have any fuzz on him yet and it doesn’t look like he’s even opened his eyes.


I’d say get the poor little birdy to the vet, or at least call the vet to get advice on how to look after it properly.


See if you can locate a wildlife rehabilitator in your area who has experience with baby birds. A google search should produce something.

My husband and I rescued a three-day old mallard duckling who was attacked by a dog several years ago. We turned it over to a waterfowl rehabilitator who saved it and released it when it was old enough.

In the meantime baby birds need to be kept warm. A box with a towel in it placed underneath a lamp works well.


Thanks for your help but, he died about 11:30 AM today. :frowning:


I’m so sorry to hear that. Baby birds are notoriously difficult to care for.


Sounds like he had some internal injuries that a vet could not have helped. Anytime they flip over on there back something is seriously wrong. Sorry he died. :frowning:

I have a sparrow that I found as a totally naked baby. The cat food was actually perfect to feed the baby you had. The higher the protein in the cat or dog food the better. I do have a recipe if this ever happens again that is sure to make a baby sparrow thrive. Many vets will tell you that they will not take a sparrow because it is illegal to keep them. This is untrue. Sparrows and starlings are not illegal to keep. Also, most wildlife rehabbers just put them to sleep because they get so many of them in. www.starlingtalk.com is the best place to go to get info from an awesome wild life rehabber.

here is a pic of my sparrow. Her name is Martin named after Saint Martin de Porres who I have no doubt interceded for her.

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Oh, one other word of advice. If anyone ever finds a baby bird BEFORE you feed it you want to rehydrate it. If their skin is wrinkly and red it needs hydration bad before it gets food. For at least one day you can feed it pedialyte or gatorade works as well. Use a q-tip, soak it in the fluid, and hold it to the babies beak. The bird should drink it on it’s own. You never want to force fluid in because it will go down the wrong way and will get into their lungs.


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