A Baby Changes Everything by Faith Hill

What do you think about this song?


I loved it. When I first heard it I thought it was a pro-life song about a girl, but when I heard the line about Joesph I started to cry. The song got to me because I could relate as a mother, and my situation when I got pregnant with my daughter. I realized how different her situation was. How wonderful God is. He brought his precious Son into this world in a way that we can relate to even today. A dire situation that many girls would never choose, Mary chose. It made me wonder how people could not venerate her. A baby changes everything. This baby changed the world. This perfect child. I loved the rejoicing, the angles sang… It is all very emotional for me. I am rambling, sorry, I love the song.

I liked it. The only part that bothered me is that it made it sound like Mary was in despair when she was very joyful. Jesus was the fulfillment of all her dreams, not a sudden change of plans. And, I think if she cried, it was in joy.

But, I still liked it.

From Steve Ray’s videos “The Footprints of God” he says that giving birth to the Messiah was every Jewish girl’s dream. Yes, Our Blessed Mother was most certainly experiencing joy and not despair.

A baby can change once outlook in life.

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