A Beautiful, Catholic Death - My Dad


My dad died today around 5:15 EDT. His death has been coming for a long time, but it seems many events came together to make this the day.

He died in a Catholic hospital, And I’m smiling when I say that he has had the Last Rites (annointing of the sick is the new phrase) more times than anyone I ever heard of in his last 5 years of medical problems. This week alone he received that sacrament 4 days in a row because the hospital is served by different parishes, and the priests would see him in ICU in terrible shape, come in and annoint him! (whether another priest had done it the day before or not!)

Today he was surrounded by all five of his children and some of their spouses. Also his only remaining sibling - my aunt and her husband. Halfway through the day, this priest I had heard about (a monsignor actually) arrived and I got the impression right away he was a strong and holy priest. (So I FINALLY got my rosaries blessed!)

The monsignor took us through a series of beautiful prayers, and gave some sort of apostolic prayer / plenary indulgence or something to my dad.

My dad’s last words to me, after the tube was taken out were, “I Love you” (also my last words to him…that, and that “it was OK” meaning OK if he moved on)

His last words to my oldest sister were don’t cry. (she’s a cryer).

The monsignor took us through another series of beautiful prayers, after the death.

I may be terribly sad as the days go by, but right now, since we all knew it was coming, and he was surrounded by love and prayers, I do think this was a beautiful, Catholic death. And he deserved it. He was a very good man.

I didn’t know where to post it, so I posted it here where I saw the words: “Family Life”


Hope all are well, considering.




God bless your father and the rest of your family as they grieve in this difficult time.


What a beautiful story. It reminds me of when my mother died in 1997. We were all around her bed, she had just received the sacarment of the annointing of the sick (the 3rd time in 10 days) We had shared the Holy Eucharist as a family and she died as we prayed the “Hail Mary”. We too told her it was OK to go as the tube was removed and since the majority of her 7 children and their spouses were there with her it was a beautiful. Knowing she did not die alone brings all of the comfort in the world. It always reminds me of the scripture verse “Where 2 or 3 are gathered, there in the midst am I”

Prayers for your family as you grieve for the loss of your father.


Sorry for your loss. :frowning:


I am sorry for the loss of your Father, may God be with you and your loved ones.


What a beautiful story and tribute to your father and your love for him. God bless all of you at this difficult time.


Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord and may perpetual light shine upon him.

St. Joseph, patron of a happy death and fathers, was surely with your dad. What a blessing for you to know your dad was so well prepared through the gift of the sacraments for this day. May the good Lord console you and your family as you grieve his loss.



To you and all the other posters already. :thumbsup:

In fact, St Joseph was especially prayed to, along with a bunch of others.

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How beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes. God bless you all and may your dear Father rest in peace.


What a beautiful post in honor of your father. It brought tears to my eyes. You are all in my prayers, may the Grace of God move through you during your time of sorrow.


I am sorry for your loss, but how beautiful for your father :slight_smile: I pray that he is interceeding for you!


Many prayers. Thank you for sharing.


What a beautiful way to remember the last moments of your father’s life. Death is never easy – even when it’s “expected,” but what a blessing that the last words spoken between you and your father is “I love you” and not something that you’ll live your life regretting.

Blessings to you and your entire family over the next several weeks as the mourning period continues.


Hi Max,
Thanks for sharing and you did it in the right place. How wonderful we have the sacraments as gifts eh? I pray that your father is resting in peace and you and your family are feeling comfort and peace in Christ.


Heartfelt sympathies to you and the family. That was a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.


Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord and may perpetual light shine upon him.

Thank you for sharing this here on the Family Life forum because it really does belong here. A happy death is certainly part of Family Life.

It is always nice to hear of such a beautiful story of death.

Brenda V.


Death is a part of life. We have a continuing thread here on Family Life for a wonderful lady who lost her DD.

I am sorry for your loss. My beloved aunt died recently in a Catholic hospital. She’d sort of “slipped” on her practice, but the wonderful priest there had her annointed repeatedly, and said the Prayers for the Dying as she left this world. So, I know whereof you speak.


Family “Life” includes the end as well as the beginning.

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