A beautiful Reconciliation service


I just wanted to write about something cool that happened at one of my near-by parishes today. There was an Advent reconciliation service, sort of a last minute one ;) right before Christmas. I was so happy that they decided to do this, because I really needed Confession! I was glad to see VERY many people there.... the parking lot was full!! There were 10 priests, and they were all wonderful :D It took me nearly 40 minutes waiting in line to get to Confession, but it was nice cause they were playing this really peaceful music in the background, and it's always great to be in Church with Jesus and just pray.

I was happy to see so many people come out.. There were people of all ages. The priest I went to was very patient/thoughtful and gave good advice, even though there was such a long line up, he took his time with every person's Confession and didn't rush :thumbsup:

There was another priest near the Tabernacle, and I looked at him give absolution to this one lady.. and I had this thought, that when we confess, it's really Jesus who is hidden in the priest and we are talking to Him.

overall, it was a wonderful experience and I'm glad I went! :heaven:

just wanted to share that :)

God bless!


Aw, how beautiful! I haven't been to Reconciliation in a while, and I need to go. I think I'm going to be attending a Lenten Penance Service when Lent arrives.

It's truly magnificent to think that we are really talking to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the priest.


Beautifully put! I wish that everyone could feel that way. :slight_smile:


Don’t wait that long!!

Monica, I’m glad you had such a good experience! You’ll have a merry Christmas for sure.



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