A Benedictine monk who was arrested four times before finally being executed

St Ambrose Barlow

Celebrated on September 10th

Today in our diocese is kept the Feast of St Ambrose Barlow who was born and ministered in our diocese . His cousins lived in Wardley Hall , now the residence of our bishop , and he would often visit them and celebrate Mass there .

Saint Ambrose Barlow was born in1585 at the still-standing Barlow Hall in Chorlton-cum-Hardy , Manchester , Lancashire . Ambrose became a Benedictine monk after his studies at Douai in France and Valladolid in Spain , before returning to Manchester to work for the many Catholics of this region.

He was particularly famed for his preaching and love of the poor, walking long distances in order to fulfil his ministry. He was imprisoned at least four times , before his final arrest and execution on this day at Lancaster in 1641. His skull is preserved at Wardley Hall, and his jaw-bone at Saint Ambrose, Chorlton-cum-Hardy


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