A better word than "PROUD"


I recently saw a deacon from another church. His parish had just moved into their newly built sanctuary. I said, “I bet you’re proud of your new sanctuary.” He said something to the effect of pride is sinful. Ever since that conversation, I balk at using the words pride or proud.:eek:
What would be a few better words to use?


“Blessed”… “You are so blessed to have such a beautiful sanctuary to love and worship God. I know that many great things will be done here in God’s name.”


“Proud” is a bit ambiguous of a term. I could see the intention might not have anything sinful. You might say that you were proud that the parish had built the sanctuary, because it is worthy of what they could give the Lord. It might be just as bad to look at the sanctuary and say, oh it’s not good enough at all.

Vainglory seemed a better, more precise term. Instead of saying proud, you might have to explain the point you are trying to make a bit more. “We really hope with the sanctuary, we have built something that we thought could be worthy of God and to show our appreciation of him, and we hope it serves it function for the parish.”


“Proud” is a perfectly fine word for the context of the conversation; it simply means feeling good over an accomplishment. The noun, of course is “pride” and in this context is also a good thing.

When was the last time anyone ever balked at “I’m sooooo proud of you!” or to have a parent “swelling with pride” over one’s own or a loved one’s good and praiseworthy accomplishment?

“Proud” and “pride” can and do refer to good things as well as bad, and we should not hesitate to use them as intended.

The deacon was close to splitting hairs.


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