A bible question or a couple

We see with Origen’s Hexpala that he uses the works of Theodotian, Symmachus, and Aquila. Plus he did his own rendering in the Fifth column. I’m not sure where Lucian translated his version. However, is there evidence to older LXX translations and what books would have been in this old Greek Translation? Also I wonder if it is significant that there aren’t any Targumim for the Deuterocanonical books? How early is this prohibition by the Jews about no real Targum for the Kevutim? Though we do see something for the Sifrei Emet. But there are two official Targum for the Torah and the Neviim. Is this significant when considering canon? And could it be said that Jesus never quoted from the LXX? And the corrisponding similiarities be blamed on Origens hexpala? For which his 5th column is sourced to created the codex Sinaticus, Vaticanus, Alexandradatus? I’m curious.

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