A Bible study on the Apostles


At your church have you had a Bible study about the Twelve Apostles of Jesus?



We know little about some of the Apostles. You can’t study what isn’t known.

Acts of the Apostles is about what the Apostles did after Jesus, how they continued Jesus work on earth.

Jeff Cavins/Great Adventure puts out a great Catholic study of Acts of the Apostles.


Most Bible study is not done “at Church”. I have never done a Bible study at a Church. All have been in people’s homes.



How does that work? Do you use “bible study guides” or something else


I have used the Great Adventure/Jeff Cavins studies. There are readings, questions and answers in a study guide and a DVD to watch at each gathering.

The Great Adventure studies are faithful to the Magisterium of the Church. They use approved translations of the Bible and make extensive use of encyclicals, the Catechism and writings of Church Fathers and Doctors of the Church. Anyone who has gone through a Great Adventure study will tell you the same - contraception, divorce, sin/salvation, grace, the sacraments, Mass, Mary, etc., etc., etc… Absolutely 100% in line with Church teaching.

We typically read the assigned readings and then go through the questions on our own. We will receive the answer sheets only when we gather to discuss the readings. We will work through the questions and answer sheet, discuss the readings and questions, and then sit to watch to the DVD. Some questions are subjective and others bring together themes in the readings that would otherwise not be obvious to those reading, mostly because we don’t understand the reference to contemporary culture in biblical times, don’t understand who the audience was or how what we are reading fits into the entire Bible.

Binders, a DVD set and leader’s guide are all part of the study. Email support is provided to whomever is leading and we have taken questions to the clergy at our parish when necessary.

Hope this answers your question.



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