A Bishop Promotes Chastity for Homosexuals

This bishop writes on this at www.catholicsun.org/2013/06/26/the-blessing-of-a-chaste-life-difficulties-faced-by-homosexual-persons/

God bless this faithful Bishop for promoting chastity…period! Remember St. Austin! I feel that many faithful Catholics fell that the wonderful gift of Chastity is only available for laity with SSA and for those with holy orders.

Well thought out and expressed. I will share this on my facebook and with my friends and family. Great job, your Excellency!:clapping:

:). Gee, fornication is still a sin? Never would know that listening from the pulpit to pew.

Even the hoary heads act like it is okay since Vatican Il.

Really? Because the Pastor of my Parish teaches that living in Chasity can bring great happiness, for both homosexuals and heterosexuals. And it’s a Novus Ordo Parish :p:

This gets better and better. Would like to hear a homily that points out that sin is still sin; any kind of sin. Been six years now since I’ve heard one except when I went with a friend to a Wednesday night Pentecostal Service. Praise The Lord.

That is why I liked Father Corapi on EWTN.

Ahhh…good ol father Corapi. Love that man.:slight_smile:

Sadly, most other Parishes in my area are in complete rebellion. There is a rumor that one Parish “priest” is secretly blessing same-sex “unions”…and that particular parish has a “GLBT” group, and not only that, they are loud and proud about it!

Sad, is it not? I pray much for the Church.

Well where I live, it particular parishes, not the Dioceses that rebel. We have a very faithful Bishop but current (and many) “priests” preach rebellion

Would be better if the Bishop had the authority to reign in the rebellious priests !

Amen. The thing is he is humble, he is like that quite parent whispering to their children “please…don’t do that…” and the children(the “priests”) say “F you! Whateva I do wanna I want!”

I wonder who bears the greater sin here, the Bishop, the priest, or the people who blindly follow the road to perdition ? Gee, really is a deep thought, don’t know the answer.

Frankly, I am wary of this singling out of homosexuals when it comes to the chastity issue.

It often comes across to me as an uncharitable heterosexual double-standard. Considering how we heterosexuals also struggle when it comes to this issue.

AMEN! :slight_smile: I think St. Austin is a perfect example for this! As I said before, chastity is a wonderful gift from God!

I don’t know either. He has the guts and the ability to say “Hey! Cut those abuses out! We are the Catholic Church, not the Church of do what you want.” but in my area, most people would just laugh and spit in his face.

This must be one of the reasons people say they are spiritual but do not believe in organized religion.

Right and about 80% of “Catholics” in my area would call themselves that. Really, it is that bad…

Oh man, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted! I’ve seen a lot of good things out of him. I listened to the press conference he gave when he had to revoke the Catholic status of a hospital in his diocese.

Anyways, this is a very good article. And I’ll probably be printing it out. The Church needs to be preaching this a lot more! Because Jesus Christ is love, and when people only focus on their sexuality, they become slaves to it. Bishop Olmsted was basically alluding to that in his 3rd point. We are sons and daughters of God, and we are brothers and sisters in Christ.

The love and the joy which comes from this identity is worth a million times more than the illusory sensual pleasure that sin offers. It is momentary happiness, and most people, Christian and non will say they are guilty afterwards. That is the Law of God written on their hearts. So, we need to stop reinforcing this chosen sexual identity of other people, and start referring instead to their neglected identity as sons and daughters of God, not LGBT, but as the Lord’s flock gone astray. Our lost brothers and sisters.

Anyways, thought I’d encourage all of you to not be ashamed of our Church’s teachings on this. Many people with same sex attraction know that they are the truth! And that they bring freedom!

I did not read it that way at all. he is talking about living in chastity for all. That it includes homosexuals and heterosexuals is in no way “singling out” anyone. Is the mere mention of the word now to be avoided in order to be politically correct and charitable? Sexual sin is a sin for everyone. The application to those who suffer from same sex attraction is really just offering God’s solution to everyone.

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