A Bishop Promotes Chastity for Homosexuals

And it’s just not emotionally healthy to focus on the “other” and their (possible) shortcomings.

I think this is a key temptation when it comes to such internet fora. It’s easy to get too caught up in the “them” and “us”. It is certainly a temptation I personally know and have to struggle against.

All these “culture war” and intra-church battles can harden one’s heart.

Yes, I aim to be true to the Church’s teachings. Orthodox living in a very secular environment. But I don’t want to be overly judgmental - to the point of hostility - towards wider society.

Paul in Athens didn’t rant about those folks’ idolatry. He sought - in love - a point of commonality. This is a good guide for personal growth. Being true to the love for Christ and in extension to our neighbours also is incidentally the groundwork for evangelisation.

Bishop Olmsted is one of the stars in God’s sky!

Amen! :smiley:

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