A bit confused after a retreat

Hello let me start off by saing my phone has no spell check and I’m a verry bad speller, sorry. I’m in RCIA and am receaving all my sacraments this easter vigil (conditional baptism). I’m felling a bit confused after atending a retreat this past week, we where invited to adore the blesed sacrament by the pastor of my parish if we wanted to be prayed over by a group of volenters, they would gently tap us on the sholder after as we wher kneeling before jesus and take us to an area of the building that was preaviously coverd in squares of carpet by the retreat volenters. Then I was asked three questions by the event orginiser, do you renonce satan and all his works, do you love the lord you’re god with all you’re heart soul and mind and do you give the holy spirit permision to work in you’re life. I answerd yes to all these questions and was prayed over for several miniuts untill I felt what I belive where involantary mustle convoltions of some kind. I was told to let go several times untill I fell onto the floor. I’m concernd because what atracted me to the church was the logical consistancy of the teacings and the clear historical conection to the early church. I was also told by a very nice lady ther that she felt the holly spirit was caling me to be a priest. Growing up I allways wanted to be a precher, my whole family thought I would be untill I fell into athiesm at the age of 13. I’ve been secualr huminist for half my life and am just rediscovering christianaty. I was having dificulty living a christan lifestyle up untill that night, I’m no longer haveing any problems at all and have lost all the lingering doubts I had. Was this retreat orthadox? I was told before hand most people fell on the floor “rested with the spirit” so was this just me under the power of sugestion? How reliable are messages from the holly spirit in these type of settings? Sorry again for the spelling and duration of this post.

The Holy Spirit always leads to humble submission and obedience. Test the fruits of what you experienced. Does it lead you to deny yourself, take up your cross and desire to follow Jesus obediently? Then, it is of the Holy Spirit. Remember that some believers received the Holy Spirit before their baptism (Acts 10:44, 11:15) and some after. I received such a manifestation of the Holy Spirt when our Priest prayed over me. This is a blessing, and you should be thankful for it, as not that many experience what you did. It may have been accompanied by an overwhelming sense of peace.

I would be more concerned if you felt some resistance to all of this, or had difficulty in rejecting the devil.

My main concern was weather or not these type of things where aproved by the church. I’m new to the faith and am trying to keep within the boundrys of it because my family is trying to convert me to evangelicalism and I don’t want to slip into un-orthadox beliefs.

You had a charismatic experience, and the charismatic movement within the Catholic Church is approved - but it is also monitored, as all such spiritual events must be tested to see if they are of the Holy Spirit, or some other. What you experienced is part of a movement which seeks to awaken the faith life of Catholics.

Do you have a copy of Catholicism for Dummies? Great book. I believe it would help you to understand the faith, as there are millions of misunderstandings, and some just plain lies about the Church.

Yes I do have that, I don’t rember reading about the carsimatic movement but its posible I skiped over that section. I was just curious because I found a lot of sites that where anti-carasmatic. I belive one of the sites was sspx, so I wasn’t shure if the complantes about the movement where lagetament or just propaganda.

Deep down a lot of Catholics really are afraid of surrendering to the Holy Spirit because when he takes over we are not in control anymore and we could also temporary loose our composure. :o

Which is precisely what we are called to do! Yet, all such movements and experiences must be tested by the Church, as “many false prophets have gone forth” (1 John 4:1-6)

Many otherwise faithful Catholics are somehow afraid of the charismatic movement, and many badmouth it without knowing anything of its experience. Yet, we each have a charism (gift) of the Holy Spirit, which we are given to use for the building up of the Church. Until and unless you know what your charism is, how will you do God’s will? Mine was revealed to me after I had an experience much like yours. I fell more deeply in love with our Lord and lost my fear of speaking of my faith. I began to evangelize, even at work. Tell me how that is a bad thing?

Anyway, the Priest/preacher of the Papal household in Rome is a charismatic Priest, Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa. Now, the charismatic movement (Catholic Charismatic Renewal) may or may not be your cup of tea, but the movement itself is genuine, and approved by the Church. For me, that settles it. But, since questions remain, please speak with Father about the event, and about what occurred there. I am certain that he will put your mind at ease.

Here is a link to information about the baptism in the Holy Spirit, as well as the charismatic movement within Catholicism: ccrno.org/WhatisBaptism.php

The Catholoc charismatic movement where such a thing occurs has been approved by the Church. However, it is one form of Catholic spirituality which isn’t for everyone. I am surprised that you were sent to it when you had no idea about such a thing and are in RCIA. But it could be for you–that is for you to decide yourself, either way.

Just letting you know I think po18guy has given you some good information and advice–
It sounds like you had a wonderful encounter with the Holy Spirit. A lot of people who have had these experiences didn’t necessarily go looking for them but instead were yielding to the spirit, we are not forced into something against our will.

It should enhance your prayer life and give a new dimension to your faith. Unfortunately you will encounter negativity but this is normally due to lack of understanding.

God Bless

No It changed my outlook completly, I’m no longer having trouble with masturbation or the shame I felt for beliveing in jesus. I was so into humanism for so long I felt stupid or weak for beliveing in god. I no longer have any fear of praying before I eat or telling people god bless as a goodby. I was trying to find a way to back out of being baptised holly Saturday. Now I plan on going to mass every day I don’t have work, I don’t fell embaresed telling my friends I don’t belive in sex before marige and I’m looking forward to my first comunion as the most important day in my life. I was just makeing shure this is normal, I never saw this side of the church before. I was getting ready to walk out once they said what was going on, I allways thought that type of thing was for tv prechers to get money from grandmas. I’m planing on going to the weekly follow up meeting’s every Friday at seven insted of going to the bar. I had no idea my life could change like that overnight. even after a year of RCIA I was still half convinced I was wasteing my time and could never make any meainingfull changes in my life. Now I think that I finaly get the whole point of the faith, you can’t only god can you just have to let him. Thanks for the info ill lookinto it defenitly and I promise I won’t make any more post’s untill I get to a computer with spellcheck :wink: .

Amazing!.. God has touched your life in a special way–he is calling you back to him and has a plan for your life. I think a lot of us thought as you did before we had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. Maybe some of us need a bit more of a wake-up call, I know I did!!

Just take it slowly, one day at a time, keep working on changing yourself first and then your’ll be a good witness for the Lord. Stay close to the Church and the sacraments and you can’t go wrong. I wish you well in your RCIA journey.

God Bless

It is all about docility to the Holy Spirit. When it came time for our charismatic Priest to lay hands on me, I just let go and made myself the property of the Holy Spirit. I cared not one bit if I appeared to be a fool to those around me. It was the most powerfully transformative experience of my Christian life. It woke my faith up and lit a fire under it. Heck, I am wearing a Holy Spirit T-shirt right now that I wear in public, along with various other Catholic T-shirts. I would never have done that before. I became attracted to Adoration, the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Some folks think I am crazy when I speak of miracles in prayer. Oh, but there is much more than this awaiting. Yes, the graces that humble submission to the Holy Spirit can bring are simply indescribable.

AMEN…Thanks for sharing po18guy and may the Lord continue to bless you!

nothingclever, based on your own description of your change, the Holy Spirit is touching your life. Congratulations for coming into the Church!!

What you described about “falling to the ground”, that was very common to the Charismatic movement. Though most of the time you don’t see this in a Catholic Church, there is nothing to be afraid of. There is a Charismatic movement in the Catholic Church. They speak in tongues, people fall to the ground and rest in the Spirit. You don’t have to engage in that type of praying if it is not your style. As for what you went through, there is no need to speculate if it was truly a slant in the Spirit, or if it was because you were told to do so. It does not matter.

What matters is the fruit - peace, joy, love of God and neighbor, overcoming bad habit, not being ashamed of your faith, etc. They are all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Welcome to the Church!

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