A bit of an oops

Today at work, I was feeling a little lonely and wanted God’s comfort. I went to a lady who has a reputation of being religious. I though she was Catholic because other Catholics told me she was religious. I confided in her that I am having trouble doing God’s will and I want to do things my way. I asked her to pray that I accept God’s will. That is when she wrote a website down for me to look at. It is a Jehova’s Witness website. :blush:

I felt a bit akward since I don’t know what they believe. Also had I know she was a Jehova’s witness, I never would have confided in her


They aren’t trinitarians. That’s theologically the big difference.

Hi Angie,

I’m not a big fan of JW’s per se, but I also recognize that some JW’s can be more insightful, more holy, and love God more than I do.

Obviously, we have some serious differences, but we can learn and benefit from all kinds of people.


We should all get along now, as in all likelihood, we will have to in Purgatory.


I don’t think you have anything to worry about. If she says anything to you later just tell her that she has a reputation as a woman with strong faith so that is why you reached out to her and that you appreciate her prayers.

Keep it in very general terms and don’t talk about specific things. Don’t get into a theological debate with her. I am not telling you to back away from your faith, but you pretty much need to be a jailhouse lawyer these days to avoid a harassment claim in the workplace these days. If you are in a moment of weakness in your own faith this is not the time to try discussing theology with a coworker. Especially with someone from a group that is know for heavy recruiting.

This really isn’t a problem, unless one of the things you confided in her was an off-color JW joke. If she brings up the site, then thank her for her concern and thoughtfulness.

I suggest you be polite , but don’t get involved in to much religious discussion ,
There views on faith can be a bit different , plus you will not be able to shake her off ,

JW’s views are a lot different than Catholic or Protestant’s. They don’t believe Jesus is the Son of God, they say He is “a” son of God.
There are a lot of other differences that may get you into endless debates.

Thank her for her prayers but steer clear of her in the future.

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