A bit of good news about the Pennsylvania scandals


Thursday, August 23, 2018 - Updated: 11:25 am

The current and past Allegheny County district attorneys recently stated publicly that Bishop David Zubik and Cardinal Donald Wuerl have been careful and thorough in their efforts to stop the sexual abuse of minors.

Stephen Zappala, who has been district attorney since 1998, said he was confident that “then-Bishop Wuerl and Bishop Zubik have been forthright and diligent in notifying our office of any concerns about potential crimes, regardless of the time frame in which those crimes would have occurred.”

“That said, our office has been unable to proceed criminally on any of these referrals for a number of reasons, including issues with the statute of limitations and the alleged perpetrator being deceased,” Zappala said.

Similar comments were voiced by Robert Colville, who served as Allegheny County district attorney from 1976 to 1998.

“Please, don’t blame Cardinal Wuerl. If anyone deserves the red badge of courage, he did,” Colville told KDKA-TV. “He came when nobody else was there.”

He noted that Cardinal Wuerl initiated church reforms for dealing with clergy abuse cases that were adopted on a national level.

“He changed the system,” Colville said. “He was the first person in the United States, Pittsburgh Diocese, to take on the idea that pedophiles can’t be cured to start with.”

Seems our local immediate past and present DA’s don’t quite agree with their party-mate, the State Attorney General.


Every DA says his own thing…



Elsewhere I heard that the Penn bishops kept meticulous records and forwarded these to the Vatican This only makes sense, as a record of what happened in as much detail, to be able to defend the Church in the eventual lawsuit. Without detailed records, defense attorneys wouldn’t know what questions to ask or what to challenge, etc. Nevertheless, as I understand it, there was a cover-up of that information, in the sense of not making it public.


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