A Blessed Christmas


I don’t know which forum link this would be most appropriate - but while my first impulse was to name the thread “Merry Christmas” - I know better. This is CAF. And while I get caught up in the hype, the music, the decos, etc., I know better.

Wishing all my fellow posters, the Admins and spiritual advisors here - the blessings of this season. May we all receive the ***greatest of graces ***from the best Gift we ever got - Jesus.

Merry Christmas and God bless us - everyone - even…ConservativeOne


I second that.:thumbsup: :christmastree1:


Merry Christmas! :smiley:


Let us continue the spirit of a blessed Christmas by attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in addition to Sunday.

The reason, not only for the season, is that Jesus was born so that centuries later we could receive Him personally in Holy Communion.

Blessings to all in 2009


I hope you’ve had a pleasant and blessed Christmas also
and that you will be very blessed and will flourish in the coming year.

God grant this for everyone here


…Alleluia Amen!:thumbsup:


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