A blessed X will help with conversion

Hey - I’ve got a relative who is VERY anti-Catholic, and pretty much not a big fan of God at all right now. I remember a few months ago reading about a specific item that you can hide in their house to help soften their heart and aid in conversion (*I know that God is doing the actual work here).

Unfortunately I forgot what it was. Maybe some sort of miraculous metal or something like that…I just can’t remember and Google isn’t helping much right now.

Do any of you have any idea what it might be? I’d really appreciate it.

I think it’s the Green Scapular.



I hope it helps!!

It’s the green scapular, but the important part is that you pray for that person every day, “Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for X and for all of us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.” And, pray for that person’s conversion as often as possible! Also pray that you can be as strong a witness to the faith as possible!

Of course if the person would agree to wear the scapular, it would be best, but with someone who is anti-Catholic and hostile, we know THAT ain’t gonna happen! Hide it somewhere they won’t find it. Don’t forget to pray! I put a reminder into my phone at a certain time every day.

A Saint Benedict medal, placed with faith, prayer and patience.

Under their mattress is a great place. :o

And I love the idea of setting an alarm for prayer. What a great idea. :thumbsup:

Yeah, and it’s good to change it up every now and then. If I know my alarm is going to go off at 9:45 a.m. every day, I can take it for granted and say, “Oh I’ll say that later” and then not remember until I’m in bed or even forget entirely. Even with such a short prayer, if I’m in the middle of something when the alarm goes off, I put it off! :o

I put my husband’s scapular under his side of the mattress, pushed quite far under, so that in case he slides his hands under there for some reason, he won’t find it. I have to be sure to get it out before we flip the mattress over. :wink:

Thank you all! That was it.

Yes, My sister and I are saying a rosary Novena starting today for her, and I offered up my receiving the Eucharist this morning for her as well.

I’ll have to pick up a green scapular and figure out a way to hide it over there. And of course, pray pray pray!

Thanks again



It sounds like you’ve done this? Have you seen much of a change? I don’t know (obviously) your husband’s attitudes toward the Church have been.

My wife is very anti-Catholic right now… anti-God for that matter… I’ve been considering doing this. In her defense though, when we met and eventually got married, I was a nominal Catholic at best… I followed my own rules… I followed the Church’s rules only when they were the same as my rules. I’ve had a big conversion… and I’ve been praying for hers. That’s not to say praying hasn’t helped though… She is at least accepting that I go to Church every Sunday now. That’s big

I know my wife put the green scapular under my side of the bed and prayed for my conversion. I was extremely hostile to the Church (really God and Christianity as a whole), but after 3 years I was asking her what it would take to be received. She also fasted on crackers and water every Wednesday and Friday plus offered up every Eucharist for those 3 years. Regardless of any pious practice you chose to do, the prayers are the most important thing.

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