A Blessing of a non religious item


My roommate asked me if a priest could bless a simple bracelet that is going to be worn by her sick granddaughter. I really don’t know the answer. The only things I have blessed are of a religious nature. Anyone know if this can be done? Thanks


Encourage her to ask the priest and the priest then can gently explain whether he will or wont… Explain to your friend that you don’t know if the priest will but she can ask him if he would.


People have their cars and homes blessed…neither are a religious item. (Perhaps, the house is blessed because it is the dwelling place of the domestic church [the family]).


Yes, but in this case, we don’t know if the person wanting the bracelet blessed is Catholic, and has a correct understanding of what that means.

Assuming they are not Catholic, we wouldn’t want them to think the bracelet would then have some sort of magical or mystical power.

Knowledge is key.

  1. That was never an issue in the initial post.

  2. Where is that a requirement of having something blessed. Show me something magisterial.


My roommate is Catholic.


The blessing means it is dedicated to God’s service. The object becomes a reminder to help us think of God and being holy.


I would assume that this item is to be blessed to help her sick granddaughter? If so, as long as it isn’t a secular (i.e. Micky Mouse or such) bracelet and it is treated as a blessed object, I see nothing wrong with having it blessed. :slight_smile:


Did you happen to read in my post “we don’t know if the person wanting the bracelet blessed is Catholic” ? At that point in the thread, we did not have that information.

So, considering we didn’t have that information at that time (the OP has since answered that question), the answer I gave was prudent.

So your point number 2 is moot.



I would also agree with earlier posters that suggested the roommate speak directly with a priest. That way all necessary information is covered.


The pre-Conciliar Roman Ritual of 1945 or so includes many, many blessings for non-religious objects, including locomotives, dynamos, telegraph keys, boats, fields, seeds, the marriage bed, and – beer. There would seem to be a long Church tradition of blessings for non-religious objects used for man’s betterment or endeavors or even pleasure.


I didn’t think there was anything that Catholics DIDN’T bless :smiley:


There are blessings for just about everything.

When my rector was blessing my house, he also blessed my ice-climbing tools and climbing harness (at my request, of course). He used the blessing for carpenter’s tools.

When my former rector blessed my airplane, he modified the blessing for a vehicle. And then he blessed the Rosary with the St Terese (a patroness of aviators) that I hang from the GPS in the airplane. He also sprinkled quite a bit of extra holy water on the propellor and engine. :smiley:

Why would a priest NOT bless a “Mickey Mouse” bracelet?


my Nikon Camera i have is blessed. my business is called Stella Maris Photography :wink:


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