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Hey guys
Im an irish-american and I came across an Irish-American news site ‘Irish Central’. But the interesting this is that they have an ‘In House’ priest called Father Tim. He has an open blog and is willing to talk about anything. I just thought it was interesting that you could write and ask him to pray for anything with so many people viewing, and not being able to meet him in the flesh. Could you be forgiven if this ‘virtual’ priest prays for you?
What do you guys think? It sure beats the timing of driving to church, going to confession, etc… Is he for real? Check him out:


You would most certainly not be absolved of your mortal sins, as this must happen in sacramental confession, which MUST be done in person.


You need to speak with a priest in person to get your sins absolved. But this priest you speak of could certainly pray for you.


After reading his blog I think I will pray for him and the future of the Church


In order to be forgiven of mortal sins, one must go to confession in person. You *cannot *receive absolution over the phone or over the Internet.


Thank you for sharing. I’m sure that if the priest is genuine his prayers and advice may be very welcome, but as has been said,
we can pray together over the phone or internet, but we can’t receive the Sacrament over the phone or the internet, I’m afraid, CelticColleen. :slight_smile: We must be physically present for Confession.
God bless you. :slight_smile:


I think it is best that you have nothing to do with his web site. I just checked it out and it appears un-kosher, I’m afraid.


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