A book about Angels

Hi - I was wondering if anyone can recommend good inspirational stories about Angels and how Angels work in people’s lives. I’m not looking for a book on who Angels are but my wife wants a good story where she can curl up at night and read an inspiring story. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.

Joan Wester Anderson has written some books about angels that your wife might like. You can find them online or in bookstores.


strangely, was reading Tobit the other night and that is actually applicable. wouldnt recomend job considerin wot ur after.

buy her touched by an angel box sets either

Fr. Paul O’Sullivan’s ‘All About Angels’ has many inspiring stories.

I quite enjoyed the Joan Wester-Anderson series ‘Where Angels Walk’’ :slight_smile: and 'An Angel to watch over me ':slight_smile: these are a collection of true and inspirational encounters with Angels.
An Angel to Watch Over Me concentrates more on childrens encounters.
I just recently stumbled across it again after moving and I’m reading it ( again ) for about the 6th time because you get so inspired and full of hope reading these stories. :smiley:

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown…

Oh wait, you’re looking for good inspirational stories… that one fails on both counts!!! :wink:

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