A book about saints

My husband heard on EWTN radio the other day about a particular book about the saints that sounded very interesting. It is not Butler’s book of saints but about a mystic (he thinks!), possibly a nun, who sees the saints as they are now in heaven. He was driving so he couldn’t write down the book title and thinks it’s something like “Lives of Saints” or something similar. Has anyone heard about this book? Thank you!

Hmm… well, Bert Ghezzi is often on EWTN radio - he writes about saints. You might try a search for his books. I know he’s got one called “Voices of the Saints”, and another “Mystics and Miracles”. I haven’t read them myself but I thought both sound very interesting. Wish I could be more help! I know it isn’t much to go on.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

Thank you! Will certainly give it a shot and see if any of it sounds familiar to my husband.

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