A book every thinking Catholic & American should read


Father Robert Sirico’s new book: Defending the Free Market: the moral case for a free eonomy should be read by all and copies sent to every bishop and parish priest.
It is an easy read for the layman.

Wow you are RIGHT! I was so impressed with Fr Sirico during several interviews in the past couple of weeks. Very thoughtful and very helpful in my own concerns about some of our charitable efforts…are we helping or hurting? Is there a better way to truly serve the poor and ‘weed out’ all those simply taking advantage of the system?

I hope Fr Sirico continues to promote this book and his very rational approach to our mission efforts.


Sounds right up my alley! Thanks!

The most amazing thing about Father Sirico is that he was a hard left winger in college, lived the leftist activist life, and now sees what lies in our future on the current secular path. So, he has experienced first hand why we should not expect progress, hope, and positive change. So many people who have good intentions are being duped into making the problems worse, according to the pernicious plan.

I might have to pick this book up for a read :smiley:

Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

I’ve yet to read that book. o:

anyone know the exact scripture where Christ commanded his Disciples to go in to the houses of the Rich so that “they may accept you into houses of everlasting salvation”(Not sure if the quote is 100% correct)?
Also Luke chapter 14.

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