A book on Apolgetics concerning other religions


I currently looking for a book that gives a Catholic viewpoint on other religions. I typically have agnostic friends who have inquiry on religion but when a conversation veers towards a religion that I am not familiar with my ability to reason deteriorates displaying my lack of understanding.I am aware understanding comes from faith I just want to display it better.


Separated Brethren is pretty good. Older, but good.

The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church is quasi-Catholic (Anglican Oxford movement) but is quite neutral in opinions and covers everything. It’s bloody expensive ($150+), but there are some used copies on Amazon right now going for crazy-low prices ($3.34 - are you flippin kidding me?) The fact that it is not from a Catholic publishing house can be beneficial in an apologetic context - protestants tend to distrust Catholic publications. They’re more likely to accept something from Oxford (even though Oxford is sorta more Catholic than most Catholic houses, and you won’t find an Oxford publication that dumps on the Church).

I know it isn’t a book, but this collection of articles may be of some assistance.

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