A book on St. Patrick for kids?


I was wondering if anyone knew of a book on St. Patrick that would be good for a 1st grader to learn about where the holiday came from. I would like something about the real man, which is hopefully true, and interesting for little kids. Something with pictures would be best.

Any recommendations? :)


Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland by Tomie de Paola has only good reviews on Amazon.com. :)


You never to wrong with St Joseph Picture Books!




Fr. Lovasik has a series of books. His book on the Stations of the Cross is good, and many on the Saints.

The book on St. Patrick doesn’t talk about the holiday, but it has pictures, and is a good biography for kids - of any age!


The St. Joseph picture books are good, but I would vote for Tomie de Paola's book, and it is beautiful and reverent. Plus Tomie de Paola is an important author often used in the early grades in our public schools. Giving your child a book like this will show him that the lives of the saints are not just for "church" but that they are part of our everyday lives. When we were posted in Kuwait, I worked in the library at the American school. The government censors were always poking their noses in our school library. This was one book about a saint that managed to elude them!


These are great suggestions! They both look good. I noticed one is much cheaper than the other, though. :blush:

If I had the money I would probably buy them both because they both look interesting! But I may go with the St.Joseph picture book just because I bet it’s reliable historically, and it’s only a couple dollars. Now I realize that my kids did receive a book about Jesus’s miracles that looks like it’s of the St.Joseph picture book series and I think that’s a good book, so…

Maybe later on I can buy the longer one.


We have this one:


My sons were very inspired by it and ask me to read it again and again.


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